All internships are unpaid but lunch is provided; housing and transportation are not included. Animal training interns work directly with the bottlenose dolphins assisting with care, dolphin shows, training, and behavioral data collection. 95 Marine Mammal jobs available on Clearwater Marine Aquarium (in Florida) has several different types of internships designed for college students and recent college graduates. Dolphins Plus (in Key Largo, Florida) offers research internships to undergraduate students and recent graduates with an interest in marine mammalogy. Applicants must be rising juniors or seniors majoring in animal science, psychology, biology, zoology, or another closely related area. Summer marine internships are offered from May to September. Research topics may include marine microbiology, marine immunology, fisheries ecology and enhancement, marine mammal stranding, and dolphin population dynamics. This position is a one year internship. Seal Rescue Ireland offers highly acclaimed, seasonal internships throughout the year. Sea Life Park also boasts the only Green Sea Turtle breeding program in the United States, releasing 200-800 hatchlings into the wild each year. A background in biology, the ability to speak Spanish, and prior fieldwork experience give an applicant the best chance of securing one of these competitive internship experiences. Interns will live and work at our facility and gain valuable research and training experience working … Marine Mammal Internship – download a complete description. Interns are involved with diving and snorkeling expeditions, identifying species of Floridian and Caribbean fish, performing dissections, conducting educational seminars for the public, and assisting with office work. Marine mammals intern duties and responsibilities. The Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Rescue & Rehab Internship (in North Carolina) offers 12 week (or longer) internship sessions for college students on a year round basis. This includes thorough cleaning and disinfection of animal habitats and reserve spaces, kitchens and food prep areas, and animal dishes. New Mexico Wildlife Center: Hands-on internship assisting rehabilitation staff with all aspects of care. Internships run for a period of four months and are unpaid, but REEF is able to offer partial payment of housing costs. Internships are unpaid but some offer housing in … The Mote Marine Research Laboratory and Aquarium (Sarasota, Florida) is the host site for the National Science Foundation’s Research Experiences for Undergraduates Program. All internships are unpaid but students receive free admission and parking during their session. Interns assist the staff with open ocean training sessions, husbandry, diet preparation, and research studies centered on the hearing abilities of various marine species. Mote also offers other unpaid internships for undergraduate and graduate students. All internships are unpaid but they do provide full or partial room and board. They involve concentration in specific departments, normally last 16 to 18 weeks and are held throughout the year. The best way to get your foot in the door for a future career in this field is to participate in internships. Clearwater Marine Aquarium Internships. The Marine Mammal Center in collaboration with the University of California at Davis has an exciting opportunity for a Veterinary Intern, based in Sausalito at The Marine Mammal Center. Housing and a $35 per day stipend are provided. Compensation for a zoological intern position at Discovery Cove Orlando (where guests interact with dolphins) was recently listed as paying $10 per hour plus college credit. Interns learn from experienced trainers and assist with training exercises, diet preparation, education, and general habitat maintenance. Sea Life Park Hawai'i offers several types of un-paid internship opportunities near Honolulu, including: Marine Mammal Care & Training, Veterinary Technician, and Educator Experiences. This is a great opportunity to work with scientists and graduate students in the field and lab while gaining experience with photo-identification and boat-based marine mammal surveys. Advanced and Core Interns will work together carrying out the same duties outlined above for Core Internship, and additionally assist staff with: Requirements listed above for Core Internship apply for Advanced Interns, in addition to the following requirements. . The Sea Turtle Conservancy Research Assistantship (in Tortuguero, Costa Rica) offers eight students per session (24 students per year) a chance to work with either leatherback or green sea turtles in the wild. Students in the Mote REU program receive a $5,000 stipend plus free housing and a travel allowance. Applicants should be actively enrolled college students or recent graduates with a degree in an animal related field. Marineland Dolphin Adventure (in St. Augustine, Florida) coordinates a marine animal training internship where students are able to work closely with dolphins. Interns work between 20 and 40 hours per week. Interns may be involved with tagging turtles, recording nesting information, excavating nests, leading beach patrols, and developing educational programs. 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Depending on the type of internship, duties may include assisting aquarium, avian, or marine mammal staff with animal husbandry tasks; helping with marine-related research projects … Locally: Consider searching for internship opportunities in your local area. Marine mammals intern work three 11-hour days a week, including one or both weekend days. You will receive valuable experience that will assist you in achieving your future goals. Animal Career Expert is your comprehensive resource for animal career related news, job profiles, interviews, salary data, and business start-up ideas. Animal Training Intern (Spring 2021) Institute for Marine Mammal Studies Gulfport, Mississippi Job Type Unpaid Salary Details Unpaid Deadline Dec 01, 2020 The IMMS Animal Training Internship Program is designed as a way for students/individuals interested in a career in animal care and training to gain valuable experience in a real-world setting. The Marine Mammal Internship Program is designed to be a career learning experience and is best suited for individuals serious about careers in marine mammal … Sea Life Park Hawaii (near Honolulu) offers internships in many areas including marine mammal care and training, veterinary technician services, reef and sea turtle care, educator training, seabird rehabilitation, and more. Internship candidates must have at least one year of college study completed (preferably in a field such as biology, psychology, or a closely related area). Students must commit to a minimum of 10 weeks (40 hours per week). The U.S. Navy Marine Mammal Training Program (in San Diego, California) offers an internship that focuses on dolphins and sea lions. This internship will show you all of the hard work that goes into marine mammal facilities and has encouraged me to continue pursing my dreams of becoming a dolphin trainer one day! Cleaning: A significant portion of time is spent maintaining a clean and healthy environment for the animals. The main task of the marine mammal team is to monitor the study area through both land and boat-based surveys in order to analyze the abundance, distribution and behavior of marine mammals and turtles. THE MARINE MAMMAL CENTER, SAUSALITO, CALIFORNIA.