Halo Top, the fastest-selling food brand of 2017 with sales of $342.2 million, has created an explosively popular new frozen food category: healthy ice cream. Arctic Zero was founded in 2010, Enlightened Ice Cream was founded in … Food Business News reported that in the first half of 2018, Unilever’s sales dipped 2.4% from the same time last year, and in 2017 lost 1.5 share points to the booming Halo Top brand. “We are a team of three ice cream guys with over 50 years collective experience within the UK ice cream sector . Alongside introducing a new product – which was borne out of co-founder, Justin Woolverton’s search for a low-sugar way to satisfy his sweet tooth – Halo Top has managed to generate interest through its positioning. Halo Top melts market share away from Unilever 100,000 hashtags Company says it never paid for a social media post, but the #HaloTop hashtag has been used nearly 100,000 times. Graeme Pitkethly, Unilever’s chief financial officer, admits the consumer goods giant “had missed the trend in the US” for healthier ice cream and that Halo Top is taking share “very, very quickly”. Univeler quickly responded by introducing its own version of Halo Top ice cream in August this year, called Breyers delights. The top exchange for trading in Halo Platform is currently HaloDeX. Unilever and Nestlé have scrambled to catch up; both have introduced copy-cat “healthier for you” ice creams in the US. Subscribe to Food Dive to get the must-read news & insights in your inbox. Unilever has responded quickly with the introduction of seven flavors of Breyer’s Delights, a low-calorie, low-sugar, high-protein ice cream. Halo Top gave free samples to thousands of “influencers” — athletes, gym trainers and healthy-living gurus — with a critical mass of followers the company thought might like the product. Halo Top had the right product from the beginning, but a few other things would have to fall in place before that product truly took off. The recipe also includes milk, cream and air. “It validates the market for healthier ice cream, which we pioneered,” says Bouton. Halo Top Share The Scoop Get in touch with us for more information. Skip to main content Market Activity Now it's being sold to one of the nation's biggest ice cream manufacturers, Wells Enterprises, owner of … The company sold more than 17 million pints in 2016, a 2,500% increase in sales. Halo Top is light ice cream that actually tastes like ice cream. The A series Craving Halo Top, but not sure where to get it? Separately, Nielsen found that Walmart accounted for 6% share of US CPG e-commerce sales in 2018, triple its share from just 2 years earlier. What Should Retailers & Brands Consider When Planning for 2021? “I didn’t necessarily have weight issues. But now a low fat, low sugar, high protein competitor is making a serious dent in the market share of established products. This move could help Breyers delights win back some market share, but it would likely not be enough to overtake Halo Top. How COVID-19 is Testing and Strengthening Food Industry Supply Chains, Why Leading Brands Are Pivoting to a D2C Model, Dinner.com and Takeout.com are Now on the Menu for Purchase, Mellow introduces artisanal THC and CBD infused Ice Cream in Los Angeles, Kellogg’s to close RX Bar protein bar business in the UK, CDC plan puts essential workers second in line for COVID-19 vaccine, Black Farmers Say They Were Dropped from the USDA's Food Box Program, Going Direct-to-Consumer: How to Develop your DTC Strategy, Using Agile Supply Chain Planning to Build Resiliency in 2021 and Beyond, How to Prepare Food Supply Chain for a Post-2020 World, What you need to know about e-commerce in food and grocery, Peaking inside the pod: A deep look inside Peapod's grocery delivery business, Socializing While Social Distancing: Using Social Media to Connect During COVID-19, Sweet Street Partner’s with Chef4Kids to Provide Support for Women Farmer’s in Honduras. Market Share Statistics for Internet Technologies Login × … Bouton says the new rival brands were not totally unwelcome, although their arrival slowed Halo Top’s growth last year.