There are several annual scholarship awards and opportunities for students to apply to within the College of Nursing. The American Association of Colleges of Nursing is now … Discover more student resources and how Johnson & Johnson empowers nurse-led innovation. $2,000. College of Nursing Scholarships. Preference is given for a first-year or second year student who is interested in working with underserved and/or rural populations. The Nursing Scholarship Program administered by the Department of Health and Human Services awards scholarships to undergraduate and graduate nursing students who are willing to commit to work in medically under-served regions upon graduation. Professional organizations support the interests of nurses and nursing students through education and professional programs that bolster the occupation. Nursing programs at participating schools distribute scholarships to needy candidates who are emerging from disadvantaged backgrounds to pursue health-related credentials at the post-secondary level. In addition to LPN and RN licensing, the program supports education that leads to degrees in Optometry, Dentistry, Pharmacy, public health and Pediatric Medicine; among others. Oncology Nursing Society provides scholarships for professional nurses moving into advanced oncology nursing studies. In exchange, participants are expected to provide health services at Indian Health Program sites. $2,000 PixelPlex Bi-Annual STEM Scholarship. As a result, financial aid for nursing students and teachers is at an all time high. This $2,500 scholarship, sponsored by the Foundation of … Academic Scholarship, ACF Barnes W. Rose, Jr. and Eva Rose Nichol Scholarship Program, ACF Trythall Family Scholarship for Excellence in Continuing Education, African American Network of the Carolinas, Albert & Ethel Herzstein Charitable Foundation Scholarship, American Cancer Society Doctoral Degree Scholarships in Cancer Nursing, ARC of Washington Trust Fund Research Grants, Armenian American Medical Society Scholarship, Army Health Professions Scholarship Program, Army Nurse Corps Association (ANCA) Education Fund, BECA, Inc. Edna R. Anthony Memorial Scholarship, Bethesda Lutheran Communities Lutheran Student Scholastic & Service Scholarship, Central California Asian Pacific Women Scholarship, Church of the Brethren Nursing Scholarships, Cuidado Casero Foundation Nursing Scholarship, Dr. Lorraine G. Spranzo Memorial Scholarship, Earth and The Stars Fall 2020 Scholarship, Emma Jean Frierson Memorial Nursing Scholarship, Felbry College of Nursing $7,500 Scholarship, For A Bright Future Global Scholarship Program, Franklin D. Boyce Annual Health Scholarship, Fulgham-Fulghum National Family Foundation, Inc. Please direct any further questions to Teaching and nursing are two vocations that are experiencing shortages across the country. Qualified applicants are U.S. citizens and enrolled at least half time in accredited nursing programs. Students enrolled in School of Nursing graduate programs may be eligible for the scholarships listed below. The Perinatal Graduate Nursing Scholarships aims … Scholarship Title. Applications will open on December 16 th.To apply for College of Nursing scholarships, students must complete the following online application: CON Scholarship Application 2020.. Nurses who want to practice advanced nursing may pursue a graduate degree. Graduate student grants and scholarships target advanced learning in specialties like Gerontology, Anesthesia, Critical Care and Trauma Nursing. FMU has the lowest cost of attendance of any college in South Carolina, based on rankings from © 1998 - 2020 A.B. Noel Endowed Scholarship. This $3,500 scholarship is designed to recognize graduate nursing students who aspire to leadership positions in academic nursing. Health professionals with outstanding debt are invited to apply for as much as $20,000 per year to help repay nursing school loans. Nurses Educational Funds sponsors a host of scholarships, grants, and internships reserved solely for nurses who already possess bachelor’s degrees, but need funding to complete graduate studies. Register for our Graduate School Scholarship Search and get free access to 950,000 graduate scholarships, worth up to $1 billion. This fund is open to nursing candidates who are residents of the San Francisco Bay Area and are pursuing careers in education. In exchange for their service, the HHS pays the cost of tuition, fees, books, clinical supplies and other approved expenses. #3 – AfterCollege/AACN $10,000 Scholarship Fund The awards are administered primarily for graduate level studies, and one-fourth of them are reserved exclusively for minority applicants. Scholarships and aid are available through UCF for undergraduate students, including nursing pending, and graduate students. Accelerated degree applicants are … Applicants must have at least a 3.2 GPA in their current program or last school attended. Affordability. Cheryl A. Bean Graduate Nursing Scholarship: In tribute to Dr. Bean's dedication to the nursing profession, her students, and the IU School of Nursing where she served as a faculty member this scholarship was created in Dr. Bean's memory by her loving sister and brother-in-law. Each award is subject to unique eligibility requirements, but evaluations are generally based on factors like: The University of California at San Francisco’s School of Nursing sponsors the Betty Irene Moore Pre-Doctoral Fellowship. Selection Criteria: Major / Degree: Master's degree: Overall GPA: Must maintain a 3.0 GPA to remain on the scholarship and may remain on it until graduation subject to a probationary period in accordance with standard university procedures for continuation of a scholarship. NSP is a need-based financial aid resource, so students demonstrating the greatest difficulty paying for college are considered first for the scholarships. Try it today! Register in November for a chance to win $10,000. The Corps’ Scholars program is a loan repayment program designed to cover costs associated with graduate and undergraduate nursing student loans. Part-time students qualify on a pro-rated basis, and the program encompasses additional health care specialties beyond nursing. NEW: Scholarship search engine: fast, free, no registration required. In exchange, participants serve the NHSC by working in disadvantaged regions. These examples demonstrate the types of campus-specific aid that is available for nursing studies: University of Wisconsin School of Nursing maintains a large stable of financial aid resources for nursing students. Scholarship, Genesis Healthcare Foundation Scholarships, George and Donna Nigh Public Service Scholarship, GFWC of Massachusetts Catherine E. Philbin Public Health Scholarship, Golden State Nursing Foundation - Graduate Education Scholarship, Golden State Nursing Foundation BSN Scholarship, GRCF Armando "Frank" Quaglia Veteran's Scholarship, GRCF Roger and Jacquelyn Vander Laan Family Scholarship, GRCF Violet Wondergem Health Science Scholarship, Hal and Jo Cohen Graduate Nursing Faculty Scholarship, Illinois AMVETS Sad Sacks Nursing Scholarship, Illinois AMVETS Sad Sacks Nursing Scholarships, Irene and Daisy MacGregor Memorial Scholarship, James M. & Erma T. Freemont Scholarship Program, Joseph James Morelli Legacy Foundation Scholarship, Josh Gottheil Memorial Bone Marrow Transplant Career Development Awards, Kentucky Nursing Incentive Scholarship Fund, Madeline Pickett Cogswell Nursing Scholarship, Manatee County Medical Education Scholarship Fund, Maryland Graduate and Professional School Scholarship Program, Maryland Tuition Reduction for Nonresident Nursing Students, Healthcare Scholarship, Melissa Anne Centrella Scholarship Foundation, MIT THINK Out of the Box Scholars Program, Monterey Bay Officer Spouses Club Scholarship Award, Motorola Solutions Foundation Public Safety Explorer Scholarship, National Eagle Scout Association STEM Scholarship, Naugatuck Valley Medical Scholarship Fund, Out To Innovate Scholarships for LGBTQ+STEM Students, Pacific Gas & Electric Company Access ERG Scholarship, Parkinson's Disease Foundation Summer Student Fellowship Program, Richard S. Thompson and Marion L. Thompson Memorial Fund, Saginaw Black Nurses Association Scholarship, Sharps Compliance, Inc. A.B. Nursing Education Loan Repayment benefits practicing nurses who retain outstanding student debt from their nurse training programs. Whatever field that may be, we want to help you find the scholarship(s) that will help make your dream come true. Several programs focus on under-served facilities and regions; offering generous funding and loan forgiveness for participating nursing students. The Sharon Jaques Nursing Scholarship, for example provides four modest cash awards annually to graduate nursing students. Addiction Awareness Scholarship. Would-be nurses should consider any personal attributes that might open financial aid doors. Typical scholarships range from $1,000–$2,500 per student for the academic year. Created by the late Dorothy Calafiore to provide scholarships for students pursuing professional nursing degrees through the School of Nursing who are advancing their preparation by enrolling in required and/or elective classes in the School of Public Health. The Dr. Margaret C. Freda Graduate Nursing Scholarship Award, administered by the March of Dimes, is awarded in the amount of $5,000 each year to a number of RNs who are enrolled in graduate programs studying maternal-child nursing. Partnerships and external scholarship opportunities Our graduate students have the opportunity to apply for a variety of scholarships and loan forgiveness programs, with awards ranging from $1,000 to $30,000 for an academic year. Below is an assortment of scholarships found throughout the states. Licensed, full-time staffers in Health Professional Shortage Areas (HPSA) earn repayment assistance for student loans. The ARN Graduate Scholarship provides financial support to nurses working towards a master of science or doctorate degree in nursing. Applicants must be current members of one of the following professional organizations: the Association of Womens Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses; the American Colleg… Amount. Scholarships and Grants for Nurses and Students A.T. Anderson Memorial Scholarship Caroline E. Holt Nursing Scholarship College Scholarships George B. Boland Nurses Training Scholarship Internships and work-study programs provide supplemental income and valuable experience working in your field. Federal programs are upping the ante to head off the critical shortage of qualified nurses currently practicing in the United States. Alumni Association Scholarship Fund of the Former Albert Einstein Medical Center Nursing School of … The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services takes an active role in underwriting education for nurses studying at all levels. Initial awards are made for up to two years with the possibility of a two-year renewal. This program is designed for the employed nurses who wants to pursue career is Masters or Doctorate Degree. The number of retirees is currently greater than the number of eligible candidates to fill these positions. All Rights Reserved This scholarship is awarded to support outstanding nursing students in baccalaureate, master’s, and doctoral programs. HRSA NURSE Corps Scholarship Program Open to: All nursing students accepted to or enrolled in an accredited diploma, associate, baccalaureate, or graduate degree nursing program. Financial aid administrators at Western Carolina University work with outside agencies to establish comprehensive assistance for nursing students. All currently enrolled students and students with a valid application submitted to the School for … The non-profit organization has been issuing scholarships for over 100 years, and stands as the largest financial resource for advanced nursing studies. *Please return your completed scholarship application to the Penn Nursing Financial Aid Office. College is expensive, no matter what you study, but some careers draw higher levels of financial assistance during school. The March of Dimes Dr. Margaret C. Freda Graduate... CastleBranch-GNSA Scholarship. The Nurses’ Float Scholarship Fund Amount: $2,000–$7,500 Create a profile based on your field of study, skills, and interests. On-campus funding is in-place for undergraduates and graduate students studying nursing. Stipends: Stipends and scholarships are assigned on a competitive basis. Faculty Loan Repayment recognizes the need for qualified educators within medical fields like nursing. Student memberships in professional associations provide networking opportunities and exposure to professionals working in the field. Campus-specific assistance is an important part of any student’s financial aid package, so look to your school’s financial aid office for the most current information about nursing school scholarship programs. Professional associations and nursing foundations are excellent resources for students who need additional aid beyond government programs. All applications for graduate students must be … Graduate nursing programs include MSN, Doctor of Nursing Practice or PhD. Awards are subject to available funding, but can be worth up to $40,000 for qualified participants.