I emailed Dyson support and they send me entire new brush. Why would you sell someone a product and not see that buyer again for fifteen years, when you could sell them a product that has built in natural short term expiry, beyond which it is an uneconomical repair? The brush rotates but only extrudes about 1 millimeter below bottom frame, which prevents it from 'grabbing'. And I don’t want to do it every few months. Dyson DC40 DC41 Hard to Push – Sticking to the Floor. Just needs a better designed cleaner head wheel and cyclone clip along with a dense metal rod in the chassis. Questions & Answers. But I haven’t been able to find any complaints (so far) about broken wheels on the Cinetic that make the vacuum stick to the floor. I have a DC 41. Sad that this expensive of a vacuum isn't perfect upon arrival...Thanks again!!! Bagged -v- Bagless Vacuum Cleaners? Missing Wheel. How to save money on a mini turbine tool for a DC07, DC14, DC15 or DC18. But I’m not sure I want to swap those out every three months. What colour is snow? But the problem we have seen the most of is related to the wheel in the centre of the bottom of the cleanerhead. Replace the sole plate. Why is the Dyson DC14-Animal... Why is the Dyson DC14-Animal difficult to push over carpeting of any sort? Is this a design fault? In January 2014 the brushroll stopped moving comnpletely. The machine is hard to push. 02/28/2019 by The most common complaint I’ve seen regarding the Animal 2 is simply that it has too MUCH suction and as such can be hard to push through higher pile carpets. Most Dyson vacuums have a built in safety system that stops the machine if it begins to overheat. Where to buy a Dyson DC04 Wand Release Catch or Wand Cap. Hello, Click to see on AmazonAvg. If you have any additional questions, feel free to reply back to this email. ... Knowing this has helped me to refuse two Dyson DC41's which sellers were trying to get me to take. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised as I was expecting to have to buy a replacement part so ten out of ten for customer service! Dyson DC33, DC40, DC41 Vacuum Cleaner Switch On/Off Dyson Product Code: 918989-02 Dyson DC40 Vacuum Switch Cover On Off Assembly With Switches Replacement Parts. DC41; How to clean the bin and cyclone . November 25 by The roller wheel in the brush housing was a problem for the DC41 making it hard to push, ... My DC14 only gets warm, not as hot as the DC41 even with the 1600W motor! You can buy new ones. One is the brushroll not turning. Dyson V7 V8 V10 tool adaptors: Use your old tools with your Dyson V7, V8 and V10. This thing sucks. google_ad_slot = "0750672010"; The Dyson Ball Animal was released early 2014, identified by model number DC 65. I noticed in each case that the wheel and axle were completely missing, so I did not go ahead with purchase. Dyson Medic – Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Repair and Service Guide. I was so upset with my new Dyson Ball Animal 2 because on our carpet that is medium pile, it wouldn't hardly budge! Unfortunately, they usually tend to look like this: This is because the little wheel and axle came out, the cleaner was running without them and the mounting worn down. The wheel at the center of the cleaner head sticks to the ground. Well, some say yes. Replacement parts. Now, this mounting is part of a two piece plastic housing that is not available on its own, and surrounds the brushroll motor assembly. The Dyson is a phenomenal vacuum on most accounts, but the suction can be so powerful sometimes that it becomes hard to push! © 2020 iFixit — Licensed under Creative Commons — Privacy — Articulating Hard Floor Tool Obsolete - Not Available. February 9 by PS- My model didn't have the screws, it had two red tabs located on the back of the bottom plate. Included is the mini turbine head, to clean pet hair and dirt from tight and hard to reach places such as upholstery or in the car. Spot on – was driving myself crazy thinking it was the ball that was the problem when the engine ran, then tore off the cleaning brush, reinstalled, still same problem… then noticed that the tiny wheel deteriorated. I’m only figuring out today that the problem (known) is the little wheel in the center of the brush bar. On November 17 I emailed again requesting a response. Dyson also claimed it would void their warranty. This is design problem and they should fix it. Jeff Tomlinson. Now, the suction (and moving air) can get out a little around the sides, makes it stick to the floor a little less. DC41 has 1300w but quite stupid of the DC41 really. The term “Animal” is intended to highlight its capabilities in households with pets, however there may be another reason. Most of the repairs we have had on the DC41’s since have been cleanerhead related (the DC40 models are very similar in the following). January 13 by This vacuum cleaner is something of a beast. We highlighted a few months ago what we thought to be a design fault with the DC40 and DC41 here: Possible soleplate design fault on the DC40 and DC41. We would advise you to contact your carpet manufacturer if the carpet is still under a warranty, before using the machine. They said I should keep the roll clean, which I’m very careful with since then. Nope, works like a charm. I have this problem second time already. The Brush bar is always off when the machine is upright, and will automatically switch on when reclined. Missing Wheel. Perhaps the motors gain RPMs with age as they wear down, but that’s just a small guess. However, I think they learned something with the early Dysons. Shop at Dyson.com for free shipping & warranty. The machine is hard to push. Design flaw. Still with great suction, but not so much that it wont move! Even the 1400w Dyson DC07/14 motors don't do this. On November 9 they emailed back asking for my warranty info, which I emailed back to them the same day. Dyson taking care of it (under warranty). Being hard to push is a symptom of the missing wheel. Carry out the performance checks, and if your machine cuts out unplug and leave for at least 2 hours to cool down. Get expert help from Dyson to get the most out of your machine. Some manufacturers will void the warranty if you use our powerful machine. So on November 9 I emailed support at Dyson. DC41 also features Dyson Ball™ technology making it easier to steer closer to edges, and into hard to reach places. I recently bought a refurb Animal 2 and am a little frustrated. My Dyson DC04 Seems much harder to push of late. Wheel is still in place, but is worn and does not roll well. Excellent customer service. I adjust height level and suction amt, but it's not enough. PayPal Credit is subject to status, terms and conditions apply. I made a thread about my DC41 btw, yesterday I think it was. Most Dyson vacuums have a built in safety system that stops the machine if it begins to overheat. You can skip to the end and leave a response. Part broken. That way you see the customer again right after the guarantee runs out. I had the same problem and contacted Dyson (UK). Where to buy a Dyson DC04 Wand Handle in Australia or New Zealand. I have cleaned the filter as per instructions and the brush is free from obstruction and is spinning ok. If your Dyson is making a "popping sound" and giving off a burning smell, then your Dyson's motor may need to be replaced. Has the ball shell come off the filter side or non-filter side? It is hugely powerful and also a bit of a handful to wield. We’re really having to push it very hard. “Do I need to change the filter on my Dyson Air Purifier?”. Part broken. Dyson DC04 Hard to Push Seems like too much Power? Filter side. Thanks for the suggestion, glad they listened to me :o). Dyson DC41 Animal Complete vacuum Dyson DC41 Animal Complete vacuum Let's get your machine working. Now they have agreed to take back the whole vacuum for full refund. Which Screwdriver Do I Need to Repair My Dyson Vacuum? I called Dyson technical support and they suggested I remove the rope seal on the inside of the vacuum head.