Once the stain dries in 12 hours or so, you can then apply a protective top coat. Wood with medium or low or no figure is still easy to get and much less expensive. Grain: Sapele has a fine, interlocked grain. The wood is worth more as veneer and the lumber prices for the small remaining stocks of highly figured solid wood are now very high. Much harder than African Mahogany and red oak. This wood is very consistent in color, weight, texture. Normal Originally from tropical Africa, Sapele is similar to Mahogany. Its full latin name is Entandrophragma cylindricum. Sustainability - Placed on IUCN Red List and marked as Vulnerable for loss However, you may order an individual Wood Species Sample / Non-Inventory Color Block. The General Finishes grey wood stain is highly pigmented, so one coat of stain is all you need for most applications. The stability and durability of sapele are very dependent The reasons for this sealer are varied, but the best of SealCoat is that it’s a universal sealer. Mahogany are somewhat valid. This scent signifies its resistance to termite infestation. When mature, this pod splits into five sections, each of this type of lumber is starting to get limited. the old days, which opened a place for a new contender to enter into Durability - Medium. S137 Atherton. The color will darken as the wood ages. making it perfect substitution for its numerous exterior including high-end wooden objects such as musical instruments, decorative furniture, turned objects interlocked grain tearouts during cutting. It is still very much We import an even amount of flat sawn and quartersawn lumber but find that careful consideration must … These hues darken slightly over time and polish up to a rich, high luster. Grain is straight to interlocked. While sapele is similar in color to African mahogany, it is more durable than true mahoganies. Sapele is in the same family as mahogany. Sapele Wood. by Mark Stephens These boards are flat, straight, and ready for sanding. Sapele ranges from medium to fairly dark reddish-brown to purplish-brown. S474 6 Lites – 2 x 3. The figure may look like the pictures above or others below (more quilted/curly or intensely quilted, or a combination of the two). Required growth density - No specific requirements for growth density. One of the defining characteristics of Sapele is the interlocking grain patterns. . Demand for sapele increased as a mahogany substitute in recent years due to genuine mahoga… Its colour stays rich over time and is great for flooring. Color tends to darken with age. Supplies of Sapele were plentiful, but in recent years after increased Check out the video, and decide what’s best for you. Much harder than African Mahogany and red oak. To do a simple clear or natural finish on sapele, you’ll be well served to do 3 coats of SealCoat first, sand between each coat, then shoot the final 3 coats with lacquer. Can survive long with proper finishing, average most common textures of Sapele are Plain, Figured and Pommele Figure Due to its more consistent color and grain characteristic compared to other mahogany looks, Sapele is Decore-ative Specialties mahogany material of choice. After centuries of non-stop exploitation, the worldwide market only This African species had many similarities with more costly Genuine Mahogany, It’s simple to pull it off. It has a slightly blue tint to it, but the color is fairly consistent from one wood species to the next. You can see how intense the contrast gets with this recipe. The best place to start would be shellac. Sapele Sapele wood (sometimes spelled Sapelle or Sapelli) is quite popular for flooring, and stock with a “ribbon” grain is typically pulled at a premium for decorative finishes. The strength of sapele is similar to oak. and specialty items. I generally select neutral colors when I am painting a room with natural wood details, whether cabinets or stain-grade trim. Sapele Wood; Bubinga Wood: It ranges from a pinkish red to a darker reddish-brown with darker purple or black streaks. appearance with the presence of ribbon stripes and many other dramatic You’ll just need to keep your eye on it for a couple of hours and wipe off the dots of oil before they have a chance to dry. growth. straight and without any side-branches that would compromise the integrity Grain: Sapele has a fine, interlocked grain. discoloration. Sapele Wood . After a Woodworkers Source is a division of MacBeath Hardwood Co. 18115 N. Black Canyon Hwy Phoenix, AZ 85023 nphx@woodworkerssource.com 602-504-1931, 645 W. Elliot Road Tempe, AZ 85284 tempe@woodworkerssource.com 480-355-5090, 3441 S. Palo Verde Tucson, AZ 85715 tucson@woodworkerssource.com 520-745-8301. Fruit that develops in these Colors range from light brown to medium reddish brown tones. The most popular color? Mark oversees the company and creates tutorials on wood finishing and woodworking tips for hardwood lumber. Sapele finishes and glues very well but can become discolored and stained if it's in direct contact with iron. readily available for purchase, but its price has already started to climb of the heartwood. exploitation that was caused by the lockdown on Mahogany trading, even The tree also grows small flowers that are 5mm in diameter Moderate to pronounced color variation may occur when this species is exposed to intense light. Sapele tops are crafted from flat-sawn hardwood with quartersawn, or "ribbonstripe" grain pattern available as an option. The wood displays a beautiful chatoyance. We're here 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Saturday. • 1/4" x 3" x 24" Great for crafts, scroll saw work, intarsia, chip carving, laser engraving, and much more! conservation status of Sapele has changed over the last several decades. figures on quartered sawn lumber and veneer. One of the most common use case scenarios for sapele protection and complete oversight of the commercial exploitation. As a part of the genus Entandrophragma and the family of Sapele is starting to get vulnerable. Sapele is a fine-textured wood with an interwoven or wavy grain. lot of Sapele trees prefer to grow quite close to each other, they usually Any protective topcoat can go on top of it, solvent based or water based. When quartersawn, sapele boards exhibit a uniform ribbon pattern that shimmers in the light. recently came to terms that legendary Mahogany cannot constantly be harvested like in Wood Vendors supplies width and length sorted Sapele as well as s2s & s4s dimension in Flat Sawn, Ribbon Sapele … Occasional quilted, curly and or mottled figure can be present. is indoors, windows, floor, and paneling. replanting large quantities of Sapele trees are underway, the global stock White is an obvious choice with wood trim. Because of the increased levels of commercial exploitation, the Our Sapele is “quarter sawn” at the mill, a process that creates a ribbon or stripe effect, almost as if the wood glows with an internal light. Our Sapele is “quarter sawn” at the mill, a process that creates a ribbon or stripe effect, almost as if the wood glows with an internal light. Subscribe to get woodworking tips and deals sent to your inbox, plus get a $10 coupon on your next order! (with some rare examples going up to 60 meters), with the trunk diameter evergreen, deciduous and transitional zones. Color: Sapele has a medium to dark reddish brown color which will darken with time and exposure to UV light. Instead, if you want to color the wood, use this simple process. characteristics We’re a family-owned lumber & woodworking supply retailer with 3 delightful stores in Arizona, and 35 friendly employees. Color: Sapele has a medium to dark reddish brown color which will darken with time and exposure to UV light. Its color can range from a light golden brown to a darker reddish- or pinkish-brown. While sapele is not directly a cousin of Mahogany, like Swietenia and Khaya trees are, it is still a part of the Entandrophragma genus of Meliaceae family that all these trees are Sapele varies in color from log to log, but is generally medium to dark red-brown. This hardwood lumber is a very durable wood that stains easy and finishes well. These patterns are created Designer table tops in solid Sapele hardwood, custom made, handcrafted and finished in . Sapele. Part of drying is done in harvest zones in The Sapele has been oiled (Colron Jacobean dark oak Dye and then a top coat of linseed oil) and I think the wood would absorb more, but the red still shows through. at a regular pace. Its color can darken to a darker brownish red over time with exposure to sunlight. Sapele is available in ribbon and plain sawn lumber in 4/4 through 16/4 thicknesses. However, the comparison to Mahogany as an outstanding exterior grade wood that has a rich reddish-brown heartwood holds true. Sapele (also known also as aboudikro, saplewood, sapelli and Sapele The stain will actually reduce the shimmer in the ribbon figure, making it dull because it mainly stays on top of the wood. That’s certainly the case with ribbon stripe sapele, too. The shower seat manufacturer Hudson Reed also use sapele wood for certain shower seats. It is darker in tone and has a distinctive figure, typically applied where figure is important.