Oscar Fish – Habitat, Care, Feeding, Tank Size, Breeding, Convict Cichlids Breeding: Water Parameters, Tank Setup, Spawning, « 20+ Freshwater Shrimp Species – Complete List, Best 10-Gallon Aquarium Kits for Beginners ». They show their aggression by biting and swimming towards their target at a very high speed in an attempt to chase them away. Only growing to be a fraction more nearly every other fish in the Cichlidae family. Breeding and increased temperatures are the main causes of aggression for a Convict Cichlid. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. It is important to note that Convict Cichlid are omnivorous. know that water is the home of every fish, so try to follow some necessary So be cautious before choosing proper tankmates for this fish. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); It is quite natural that the replacement process requires alot of time but it is necessary to do once in a month to maintain the qualityof the water. The advantage of this is it means you can keep them in smaller tanks than other species as well. The female Convict Cichlid tends to stay nearer the eggs and the fry. Males are larger specimen than females. on the driftwood. They have fantastic parenting ability because they know how to protect their eggs and newly-hatched babies. Temperature: Black Convicts live best from about 70 to 80-degrees F. with 78 being perhaps ideal. Avoid keeping other aggressive water species in the fish tank with Cichlids. However, to be on the safe side you can have the PH level within 6.6-7.8. The female Convict Cichlid are brighter in colour, and they develop yellow or red spots on their belly as soon as they become sexually mature. Therefore, consider using plastic plants for the tank. Read more…. Convict Cichlid are easy to keep type of fish, they are good feeders, eat a variety of food, adapt well in a variety of water conditions and are easy to breed and known to be great parents. So, you need to create a similar ambiance when you are petting a Convict Cichlid. a good filter in the tank, so that the impurities get washed out from the tank While changing the water keep in the mind that the fish not beharmed and change about 10% of water if you are doing the replacement weekly. Arrange a 50-gallon separate tank if you want to encourage the mating and breeding of Convict Cichlid because a male Cichlid takes the entire space in the tank during spawning and egg-fertilization period. However, they have learned over time to survive in a variety of water conditions. My male is slightly larger and he has longer fins. In most types of cichlid fish, the male will be larger than the female, measuring up to a full inch inch longer. They chase away potential predators and defend the female and the eggs from intruders. Male and female convict cichlids "kissing". Set Along with the maintenanceof water quality, you also need to clean the entire tank whenever it turnsdirty. However, both parents are able to perform all the tasks. In contrast, male convict cichlids are larger, have more pointed ventral, dorsal and anal fins which often extend into filaments. Ensure the tank has lots of rocks and plants to keep the fish comfortable, and the water current is slow. Click here to learn about aquarium temperature, aquarium thermometers, and aquarium heaters. The temperature of the water during the reproduction time should be 84°F. Convict Cichlid give care to both eggs and free swimming fry. I am sure that the female is chasing the male. The male is mostly gray with light black stripes along the body. They can breed after this point. It is a member of the Cichlidae Family, native in the streams and rivers of Central America. Set the fish tank as per the comfort of your pet Cichlid by considering these suggestions: You need to purchase a 30-gallon aquarium for this 6” fish because it needs a spacious area to dwell, and without space, it cannot have a great lifespan. Black Convict Cichlids are the runt of the family. Males will … Unusually for fish, the female is more highly coloured. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Convict Cichlid is an omnivorous fish as mentioned above. On the contrary, many Tanganyikan cichlids such as the Julidochromis will have a larger female. A mature male Convict Cichlid is longer, approximately 6 inches, while the female is around 4.5 inches long. Sexually mature female Convict Cichlid lay eggs in caves. can also keep driftwood in the tank because Cichlid loves consuming the algae She continues to care for them for a further week or so after they leave her mouth. After choosing a dark hiding place, the female courts the male, then lays her eggs on the flat rocks or on the side of a flower pot. Their roles are defined during the brooding period although it is carried out in coordination. Aquarium Care How to successfully keep Pink Convict Cichlid in the home aquarium. The female convict will take the initiative in the mating cycle. Both parents remain active in taking care of the little Convict Cichlid. You can keep Convict Cichlid together, but be ready that they will mostly breed. The water should be fresh water. Therefore, fish also have different types of health and mental issues. The male is polygamous and will spawn with any ripe female. It is much smaller than the other 4 and has an orange spot on its belly. Moderate lighting better for The male also have larger dorsal and anal fins compared to the female Convict Cichlid. Originally and commonly, Convict Cichlid are found in the warm fresh water rivers and streams of Central America from the Costa Rica across to Panama. However, after the completion of the process when you are settingthe tank in a novel way, maintain the water temperature, pH level, hardness,and other necessary things. You do not necessarily need to bother much about the PH level of the water, because the Convict Cichlid is a hard fish that has learned to survive in different water conditions. The male Convict Cichlid is most likely to take dominance in a tank. The female takes the eggs into her mouth and broods them until the fry are free-swimming. Language: English Location: United States It is very easy and straight forward to tell whether a Convict Cichlid is male or female. Even the males grow up to 6”, whereas the females can only grow up to 4.5”. The daily temperature for the Convict Cichlid in their natural habitat is around 26–29 °C which is 79–84 °F. Some common illnesses of Convict Cichlid are: So, if you want your pet fish to stay away from these health problems then keep the water of the tank clean; give your finned friends a good environment; keep suitable tankmates with them and consult a veterinary doctor for the solution. If you are a beginner at fish keeping, then it is advisable to keep the Cichlid in their own tanks. Pseudotropheus saulosi konings 1990 synonym. Convict Cichlid is infamous for its territorial and aggressive behavior, but it is active compared to other species. But the only thing that keeps me from believing it is a female is that its dorsal fin is about the same length as its tale fin. This is when convicts display their most aggressive behavior. The male Convict Cichlid on the other hand protects and guards the entire area. While setting up an aquarium for the Convict Cichlid, you should consider their natural habitat conditions. You can change 20-25% of water if you are changing the wateronce a month. Keep So, the fish keepers don’t need to worry much about the dietary requirements of the fish. To allow them to breed, you will need a paired male and female, and they can spawn throughout most the year – there is not set spawning season. The female Cichlids have more stripes than male fish. A female mouth brooder cichlid sucks the eggs back into her mouth. a fluorescent bulb on the ceiling of the aquarium. system in the aquarium because Cichlid enjoys slow current in wild rivers. In most african cichlids, the males will grow larger than the female cichlids. They are have more intense and bright black strips compared to their male counterparts. Male Pink Convicts are usually pink with no red markings. In this group, males and females often differ from each other in body shape and size, certain aspects of coloration and occasionally in fin length. With that said, they may end up eating the aquatic plant in the tank. To feed your Convict Cichlid, we recommend the pellet or flakes that are specifically produced for Cichlid. Central American cichlids Using the convict cichlid as our sample organism for this group, there are several characteristics that allow you to distinguish males from females. Buy It Now +$21.99 shipping. In fact, it’s more than a hobby, because I’ve spent countless hours doing research on different fish species. Feeding the Cichlid should be done in small portions throughout the day. We Take a look at some of the most compatible tankmates for Convict Cichlid: During the spawning period, the aggression of this fish gets worse, so don’t keep them with other fish during the time of mating and laying eggs. The male Convict Cichlid exercises dominance in the tank making it difficult to live with other tank mates. Uri Shasha 19,219 views. The pink Convict Cichlid do not have black vertical stripes. Once laid, the eggs will be carefully guarded by their parents. The body of the species is white with black striped-bands on it. For your aquarium, you can use stones or plant pots to make breeding sites for the Convict Cichlid. If you want such couple to be created in a tank, you need to keep a small school of the fish with equal number of male and female in it. Convict Cichlid are very territorial and aggressive which makes them not fit in a community tank. In addition, stress or unfavourable living conditions can also lead to increased aggression for a Convict Cichlid. Save up to 30% when you buy more. They are both diurnal and nocturnal species. Take a look at some of the other aquatic species for your aquarium: Fisharoma.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and any other affiliated sites. We have discussed at the beginning that Convict Cichlid is a territorial and aggressive fish. Incredibly hardy and easy to care, this Zebra-lined fish is an aggressive breed but it’s still a good pet for the beginners because of its less-demanding and adjustable nature. This concerns both separ… $12.99. I have a mating pair of convicts and my female only has an orange belly when she is going to lay eggs. Some of the members of the Cichlid family are as follows: Eating, sleeping, and dwelling are the major things every living being want to enjoy a healthy life. In the wild, the Convict Cichlid excavate the caves by removing sand underneath rocks. Telling the difference between a male and female Convict is very straight forward. If one of the parents is removed, the remaining parent can perform all the task that pertain to taking care of the eggs or the fry. Not only in America but you will also get this fish in the lakes of Africa. You may also set an artificial slow-current i put the male in there and for the first 5 minutes he was alright and then like a lil while later, the female started biting him and chasing him. Housing a cichlid with a betta would be very interesting, but ultimately destructive. But other than that, it has everything that females have. This number…, You may have always wanted to have cichlids swimming around in a particular corner in…. Cichlids have great variability in the timing of sexual differentiation, and different species have differing sexual lability over time as shown in Figure 2. The tank mates should be fish of similar size as the Convict Cichlid, for instance: Other fast moving fish as Giant Danios can also be put in the same tank with the Convict Cichlid. Some people know Convict Cichlid as Zebra Cichlid – the most important member of the Cichlidae family. S… How Do You Tell If A Convict Cichlid Is Male Or Female? They fan the eggs and protect them from predators. You can adopt the standard three meals a day rather than one big sized portion once in a day. In the wild, these fish will be found hiding behind rock-patterns and branches. Sexing a Black Convict Cichlid. I have males and females to pick from. Once the female convict cichlid prepares the spawning site, she will guard it against other fish in the tank. The biggest fish is usually the one to be sold first. Convict Cichlid loves dwelling in slow-moving water on the bed of the rocky substrates. They are also very territorial especially during the breeding period. Female guppies for sale a female guppy like the one just above offered for sale on this page is pregnant. The female Convict Cichlid will independently perform all the parental roles without any difficulty. This American fish is found both in the hot geysers of hilly areas and warm streams of the land region under the rocks and sunken branches. Convict cichlid spawning happens all the year round with some small breaks. the male is about the same size or a little smaller. An adult Convict Cichlid has around eight or nine white stripes across its grey body. Convict Cichlids Male and Female (source – CC BY-SA 4.0). Different conditions may lead to increased level of aggression. In their natural habitat they mostly eat plant debris, small fish, worms, mosquito larvae and small insects. Convict Cichlids for sale Convicts are tropical freshwater fish from central america. The male does a mating dance in front of her to show her the spots on his rear lower anal fin, which look like eggs. Female Convicts have red on their bellies. To help you take care of your Convict Cichlid, we will discuss in this article all you need to know about them, tank conditions, tank mates, dietary needs, breeding, brooding and much more. Don’t get wrong ideas about its temperament by seeing its timid size. with the help of the aquarium filter. During the hatching period, the parents keep off predators from the eggs. or Best Offer +$19.95 shipping. Try to keep Cichlid in another tank during the reproduction process. You don’t need to take much care of this vibrant-shaded fish because they have no special food requirement, and they are smaller in size. After five days of the development, the little fish start swimming. The parents ensure the fry return to the cave just before dark by sucking around three to four fry at a time, and delivering them in the cave. Same in the case of fish because they also want a clean and natural environment to live and good foods to eat. In the wild, the female lays eggs inside caves or rocks. Both are even known to fight and kill their own species. Convict Cichlid Breeding - FAQ aka the 'Convict Capers' This is a day by day journal of two pairs of breeding convict cichlids who share an aquarium, and who spawn happily together. However, the young ones should be of the same size or smaller otherwise they will be perceived as predators. According to the study done by expert aquarists, Convict Cichlids are very good and highly-protective parents for their children. These fish are strong and hardy and great for beginners. However, other Cichlids may not be violent but their behavior is wilder than other fish. She first chooses a dark spot, then courts the male before laying her eggs on the side of a clay pottery piece or on flat rocks. You can put it in a separate tank after hatching to limit the level of aggression. He doesn't have a bump on his head yet. When she is ready, the female will display her colors to the male, inviting him into her territory. And with some species, males will have an elongated and tapered genital papilla, such as the Julidochromis regani. The female Cichlids have more stripes than male fish. Due to their territorial and aggressive nature, it is advisable to keep them in a separate tank, or pick their tank mates carefully. This female has much more red than most Convicts. Convict Cichlid Care, Feeding, Breeding, Tank Mates (source – CC BY-SA 4.0). Tank Requirements for Convict Cichlid. This makes them easy to take care of especially for beginners in fish keeping. The fish is monogamic, it becomes reproductive at the age of 7-10 month. Feeding: Premium Fish Food Pellets is the best food for many Cichlids to eat. I have 5 Convict Cichlids & they are all the same age and I'm wondering if i have a female. There are more than 1,700 species in the Cichlid family. It gives full detail of events and stages of daily development of the fry, as well the parenteral care. Convict Cichlid, so you don’t need to bring high-powered light. The The Convict Cichlid is a popular aquarium fish kept by most people in their homes and offices. Convict Cichlid require low maintenance and are easy to keep, which makes them popular among beginners in fish keeping. Convict cichlids become sexually mature at around seven or eight months of age. 21 sold. The brooding lasts for approximately three to four weeks in the wild and breeding occurs only once per season. Males are larger than females, and they have more pointed ventral, dorsal and anal fins which often extend into filaments. I really enjoy the aquarium hobby and love sharing my experience with others. If your Convict Cichlid are living in a community tank, the male Convict Cichlid will get very aggressive during the breeding and brooding cycle. They collaborate in nurturing the young Convict Cichlid. A strong water filter for a tank with Convict Cichlid is a must. You just need to arrange simple foods for Convict Cichlid such as: There are other frozen foods that you will get in the market such as: While feeding the fish, make sure that you are feeding them two to three times a day in less amount, and the tank water should be cleaned when the foods float in the water. because Cichlids like to live in an environment that is surrounded by greenery. Convict Cichlid have a potential of adopting and giving parental care to unrelated young ones who are of the same species. In addition, older males frequently develop vestigialfatty lumps on their foreheads. Convict Cichlid are naturally omnivorous, they eat both meat and plant matter. At the age of seven months, they are old enough to start their own families. Almost gone. The hobby of fishkeeping sounds fascinating but it is notvery easy to maintain the necessities of pet fish. They are known to be serially monogamous, a male and a female Convict Cichlid form a pair and live in one territory and form a couple of very good parents. Your email address will not be published. The parents not only protect the fry, but they also help the fry in feeding behaviours such as moving branches or digging the substrate with their fins. Moreover, the father and mother of the little Cichlids bring food for their little fries after the development of the eggs. The wild-type of the species has 8 or 9 black vertical bars on a blue-grey body, along with a dark blotch on the operculum. AquariumNexus.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com, The oscar fish is a member of the cichlid family and a popular aquatic pet.…, Did you know that there about 300 species of fish bred in captivity? Your email address will not be published. Free returns. After a successful mating, the female will lay up to 300 eggs and will immediately begin to guard them. If you are keeping the Convict Cichlid for breeding, it is important to note they become very aggressive during the breeding period. If you are keeping them for breeding, then the tank should even be larger, at least a 50 gallons tank. The first rule is to ensure the Cichlid are not kept in a tank that has smaller or less aggressive fish. Aquarists also collect this fish from Panama, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa-Rica, Australia, and Honduras. However, you will have to wait till there are mature to tell the difference because Convict Cichlid are monomorphic. A male has longer anal and dorsal fins and as it matures, the male Pink Convict will develop a nuchal hump on its head and will grow out to be much larger than a female. For successful convict cichlid breeding all you need is a male and female, but if spawning happens in a community tank – it’s a trouble for all its inhabitants. If you don’t change the water then the rotten foods will infect the entire tank. If you keep wrong and less compatible fish with Convict Cichlid, then it may chase or harass them or vice-versa. After the fertilization of the eggs by the male fish, the female fish protects the eggs till the time of development. The male Convict Cichlid then fertilizes the eggs and after 4 days, you have over thirty little Convict Cichlid. Increased temperatures also causes the Convict Cichlid to be more aggressive. This fish just looks like Zebra with black and white color in its entire body. They are also known to be strong swimmers who have the potential to move and rearrange the tank, therefore, anchor your water plant or use strong plants such as Java Ferns. Convict Cichlid prefer living in slow moving water that mostly has sunken branches and rocks that they use for shelter and hiding. If you have any questions feel free to contact me or leave a comment below. Convict cichlids also known as zebra cichlids due to their beautiful black and white stripes are an ideal fish for beginners. Convict Cichlid are very easy to breed type of fish. Convict Cichlid are very aggressive. If you take proper care of your little buddies then their life span will increase with a better living condition. For optimum space and environment, the tank should be more than 50 gallons. The female Convict Cichlid are brighter in colour, and they develop yellow or red spots on their belly as soon as they become sexually mature. You can purchase this fish at $5.88-$12.88. Moreover, they love to stay in a dark hiding place, so they dwell under the caves, trees and behind the rocks. The only way to tell smaller convicts apart is by the size of their fins. By all means, feed your Cichlids protein-rich foods because the female will need the extra nutrients to prepare her eggs. The betta fish is known as a fighting fish -- in Thailand fighting bettas is a sport -- and a cichlid is equally aggressive. The large sized portion are not only a healthy issue for the fish, but it could also cause pollution, causing water destabilization in the tank. Naturally, Convict Cichlid are bi-parental species. 2:50. With this information, you can determine if the Convict Cichlid is suitable for your aquarium. Different species have specific features and characteristics. This page may contain affiliate links, which will earn us a commission. Usually, you will find a black and white Convict Cichlid, but pink and yellow Cichlids are also found with no vertical stripes in their body. The average convict cichlid size is around 4-5 inches when fully grown.These fish are rather small compared to other cichlid species. 2) There is a sticky topic at the top of this forum all about convicts. The female Convict Cichlid protects the eggs while the male Convict Cichlid guards the general perimeter. When being just juveniles create stable couples. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); You After that wash it off with clean water and wipe the entire tankwith a thick cloth to avoid the marks of water on the glass tank. Aggression in cichlids and how to stop it - Duration: 2:50. Moreover, this breed prefers living on its own territory with different fish of the same family. My male doesn't have a bump on his head. Determining whether you have a male or female is easy and straightforward for this breed of fish. So, you need to create a similar ambiance when you are petting a Convict Cichlid. You need to be sure that you have a separate big aquarium in your home which you can use for the breeding process of a Cichlid. The adult Cichlid has eight or nine black stripes on its body and the juvenile fish has fewer stripes than the adult fish.