Problems – Customer suspected problems with the loudspeakers. A German immigrant to the USA in 1953, Rossmeisl had trained as a luthiere in Mittenwald, Germany. 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LaBella make bass strings specifically for this instrument. This leaf spring is bolted to the bottom of the string anchor bar with two bolts on spacers that pass through two holes in the pressed steel tailpiece. In particular the synchronised vibrato bridge, which on many Tokai S type guitars is a chrome plated, single piece, zinc alloy casting, with cast zinc alloy saddles. Acoustic guitars normally have an end block and a neck block at opposite ends of the body. Either of these strings may exhibit nut buzz if the string comes off the post near the top, rather than winding smoothly  down the post. 250V AC supply – rectified and smoothed for valve HT, F4 – T500mA L250V …. Does your guitar knob perform as well as you’d like. I am happy to give your guitar a complete check… Replace all screws with new – black screws on the pickguard, Electrically screen the guitar with copper tape, Replace the bridge with a Wilkinson steel block bridge with vintage saddles, Replace the old bent metal string trees with Graph Tech trees, New D’Addario waterfall swirl scratch plate. The treble side bridge post is screwed much further into the guitars top than the post on the bass side. Repair Date – 09/09/16 Customer – xxxx xxxx, Price – The original price in 1962 was £38.10 (around £763 inflation adjusted). With luck the only fault was in the transformer and the fuses protected all the electronics from permanent harm. ... Acoustic Guitar Saddle £65. means ‘death to Selmer’. Description – A mechanical ¼ inch tape loop, valve, reverb / echo unit. Controls are Gibson style two volumes, two tones (all wired in reverse – see Diagnosis) and a three way pickup selector switch. Other paint schemes in the Coronado line feature more conventional sunbursts or solid colours. The Epiphone Custom Shop brand is used on limited run models. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands ... Martin Custom X~12 string Dreadnought acoustic~electric guitar~PARTS~REPAIR. 0.047uF plastic film tone cap. To sum up, in addition to the mains fuse, one fuse in each pair for every supply rail in the amp – the supply for the valve heaters in the pre-amp, the high voltage supply for the valve sections of the pre-amp and the supply for the power amplifier, is blown. Charlie Watkins was annoyed with Selmer because they had simply copied his earlier two head echo and this D.T.S. Apart from a slight peening of the ends, there is nothing to hold these pins in place other than the tension of the spring. Electronics tested while the guitar was disassembled and it functioned with no faults, no crackles or dropouts (also later tested OK with the guitar plugged in), except for the discovery of the reversed control wiring. The Rhythm position drops the volume a little and the other two switches are for pickup selection (up is on). Removed the old tension roller. Some Fender guitars of the period also feature solid cast zinc bridges as a cost saving (the more complicated and expensive machined steel inertia block, bolted to a hardened steel bridge plate, with folded steel saddles was judged unnecessary by Fender management at the time) so exactly who was copying who isn’t clear. 4 were here. Assuming the dimensions and pickup positions weren’t changing a lot out of the factory then the intonation on most of these guitars must be way off. As a result excessive turning force applied to the knob had caused the knob to loosen and spin on the shaft. Please give us a ring on 020 7221 4040 to discuss your requirements. DENMARK STREET GUITARS RARE AND VINTAGE GUITARS AND AMPS. I wanted to upgrade the Epiphone licensed Bigsby by fitting a Callaham solid, stainless steel tension roller (3/16” shaft 0.187 inch, roller is 2.215 long by ?? Wunjo on Denmark Street in Central London is far more than just an acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar and keyboard shop. Problems – In for a general re-build, cleaning and set-up. Delivered strung with flatwound strings 0.043, 0.061, 0.078, 0.100 as measured. The tuner pegs have fixed white plastic buttons. Or – to try fitting a Vibromate String Spoiler for easier string loading. London Guitar Repair runs our own high quality guitar repair shop in London. The low E string looks as though it was never suitable for this bass because there is no taper, the string at full diameter is fitted through the tuner (which has been drilled out). The internal paper label shows the model as “Casino VS” (vintage sunburst). Standard Fender necks are 43mm at the nut to 55mm at the last fret. The roller supports the end of the two layer, blued steel, leaf spring. Date – 21/01/16. Replace all the electronics with new CTS pots, Orange Drop tone cap, Oak switch etc. The light weight also helps with comfort. Re-positioned the tension pin on the D tuner and dabbed a little nail polish on either end to ‘glue’ it in place. Wooden Butterflies explores the ontology of music, contemplating not only its physical forms but also the emotions and experiences which create its possibility. The narrow neck and 30 inch short scale makes this bass very comfortable to play even with a relatively high action. Set up and intonate. While the Tokai wooden parts and pickups are usually very good, some of the general hardware is of low quality. This will be based on our hourly rate of £35 per hour plus the cost of any materials required. Removed the inner circlip from the string roller to stop it binding against the bearing housing. Long (Set) Saddle - from £70 . At London Guitars we feel that our customers deserve a relaxed, no-pressure environment. Friendly and efficient guitar services in the Worcester Park, Sutton, Kingston and Wimbledon area. Allparts USA does carry a right-handed Mustang arm – BP-0274-005 Tremolo Arm for Vintage Mustang®. Re-built the licensed Bigsby. Some work done on restoring it. 1 – 14V AC to F2 T2AL250V blown – to 12V regulator for valve htrs and front panel LEDs, 2 – 14V AC to F1 T2AL250V blown – to 12V regulator for valve htrs and front panel LEDs, 6 – 250V AC goes to F3 T500mAL250V NOT blown. They have been in storage so are dusty and have surface rust. Or maybe just for smashing up while on stage?

Collection only within one week of purchase … 1 x Valencia 1 x Martin Colette 1 x unbranded Unfortunately I know nothing about guitars. Mains input through 3 pin IEC fused (T2A to T4A fuse) socket. Hofner seem to have used quite a variety of circuit configurations over the years and the new panel is not wired the same as the old one. Hardware – One folded metal string tree on quite a tall plastic spacer on the E and B strings. These may simply be guitars where the owners have decided to rotate the pickups. A Red LED for the red channel a Blue LED for the blue channel, an Orange LED for blue drive and a Green LED for blue clean. The Coronado is a Roger Rossmeisl design from the CBS years, produced from 1966 up to 1972. Original Tokai conical springs used for the pickup mounting the Tokai pickups rather than surgical tubing. Tension arm bearings lubricated. And an effects level return on the back panel. There is a £25 minimum charge for guitar repairs. This one is graded as – ‘in good condition’. Welcome to Tim Marten Guitar Repairs based in Charing Cross Road, London. The re-issues only have a trapeze tailpiece, no tremolo. A full pro go over head to body. Strings are loaded with the ball end towards the neck, run through and folded under the chrome bar tremolo string anchor, then up to run over the floating bridge. So when you play one, you’ll know it’s an original. Even so there should be enough thread and the pressure from the springs should stop the screws from loosening. Unlike the Mustang / Jazzmaster bridges which are of folded steel, this bridge is cast from Zinc alloy and then chrome plated, as are the two pivot pucks. 32V AC for power amp – rectified to plus and minus 40V DC, F81 – T2A L250V …. Low prices, fast service, and 100’s of loyal customers. The headstock has a thin black/white celluloid facing with the brand ‘Hofner’ in reflective gold script. The bridge is an extremely poor, single piece Zinc casting, that combines the top plate and the inertia block. The neck pickup had dropped out again. Pedals. It is finished in a black to off-white (the white appears yellow under the aged clear coat) burst with black sides, a paint scheme known as Antigua. Hofner specify 3mm E and 2mm G. The aluminium height thumb wheels on the bridge were set as low as they will go so the only way to get a slightly lower action is to remove those wheels altogether. Bottom grille is smashed. Handmade guitars and guitar repairs in London since 1974. The old panel has an 8.2K resistor, a 0.033uF cap, 250K pots and the top of the pearloid plate is engraved with the legends – Volume 2, Rhythm/Solo, Bass on, Treble on and Volume 1. Guitar re-assembled, set of RotoSound Yellows (10 to 46) fitted (twists soldered on the three plain strings) set-up and intonated. The original Fender Mustang has the same heavy string anchor bar and the same tremolo arm, but uses two coil springs to provide counter tension to the strings. Guitar repairs guitar makers and guitar setups by London’s best professional luthiers. The bridge is set very high and is highest on the treble side. Makers of string instruments, acoustic guitars, electric guitars, bass guitars and classical guitars. Required fields are marked *. Parts replaced – Playback head, Bottom grille, lamp, 3 core mains cable, output cable, 2 fixing screws, knob insert. They are wound a little hotter than the Tokai pickups on the clients sunburst Tokai and would seem a close match to the early 50’s classic Fender Strat pickups. The screws, springs and threaded holes in the pickup all seem in good order. The Coronado trem is similar to that used on the Jazzmaster, but differs in having a leaf spring and the heavy string anchor bar. Floating, Antigua burst scratchplate with ‘Antigua’ in black script. Cream binding top and bottom edge of the body and on the neck. Bridge seems never to have been properly fitted, consequently the action is only just about low enough even with the height adjustment thumb wheels all the way down. It really does not look as though this bridge has been properly fitted to this bass. ‘Genuine Hofner Original Made in Germany’ is stamped on the back of the headstock. Some Coronados had a black/white chequerboard pattern in the binding. The finish on this guitar has a number of long cracks in it and the odd chip. Each one of our handmade acoustic guitars is made with at least 120 hours of hand tooling and inspection. Guitar Repairs London for YOU! Zener regulated, from power amp 40V through R105 100ohm – red wire, Pin 4 – -15V (?) Problems – Entire guitar is very grubby, the bridge tone knob is loose and the intonation screw is missing from the bottom E saddle (a 4-40 5/8 apparently – available in packs of 12 from Strings Direct). Or maybe for props or displays? Body is finished in a black/brown to dark transparent yellow, vintage sunburst. and DC regulator to valve heaters, F3 – T500mA L250V …. Fender branded, Grover six-on-a-side customised Rotomatic tuners, with rounded rectangular pearloid buttons. My B5 has only one circlip on the outer end and its lateral movement is limited at the other end by the arm bracket that is attached to the string shaft with a grub screw running into a mating hole in the shaft. Missing a tremolo bar. Run by Andy Eales and Andrew Scrimshaw (both ex. The only problem is that the two 25mm height adjustment screws only have 2mm extending past the threads in the pickup legs so if the pickup loosens at all the screws don’t have far to go before they come loose and the pickup falls out. Makers of string instruments, acoustic guitars, electric guitars, bass guitars and classical guitars. Elites Acoustic Strings • Acoustic Collection • Exclusive Acoustics • Babicz Guitars • Brian May Acoustic Guitars • NS Design Instruments. Tokai spring claw retained as it matches the spacing of the original tremolo tension screws. They were made as 1 by 12 and 2 by 12 combos. Work done – Disassembled, thoroughly cleaned and polished the guitar. String spacing at the nut is 32mm and the scale length is 30 inches (although the custom string length from the ball end to the start of the silk wound string taper is 34 inches). Coronado’s in the Wildwood, dyed beechwood version, have ‘Wildwood’ on the guard. All 13 control knobs replaced with grub screw locked knobs. Strange little 5 way pickup switch. Frets are an intricate and very important part of any instrument. LONDON Sale repair restoration vintage non-vintage guitars stringed instruments posters art | Guitar Yard - Guitar Yard specialises in the repair and restoration of vintage and non-vintage guitars, including Fender, Danelectro, Gibson, Gretsch and other stringed instruments as … Mains T2A slo-blo fuse is blown. Mains fuse blown as well as several internal fuses. Copyright reserved, Terry Relph-Knight. They keep the original aesthetic, but add ‘upgrades’ or changes to make the guitars more player friendly. The entire thing is chrome plated (these single piece die cast bridges seem to be fitted to all the old Tokai Strats). Despite what the serial number seems to indicate, the end of the neck is stamped with 19FEB68B. Work to be done – The neck pickup has come loose and dropped into the body, control plate to be swapped for a new one supplied by the client, bridge to be properly fitted to the body/ Re-string with new LaBella 760FHB2 “Beatle” Bass Stainless Flats 39-96. The main change that Epiphone have made to the design, presumably in order to save money, is that rather than drill the 3/16” holes in the aluminium frame for the front roller axle and drill and tap for a grub screw in the frame leg, Epiphone chose to cast larger 3/8” inch holes (roughly 3/8” the holes actually taper from the outside in). This small rubber plug and pin from the original tremolo fell out and fell apart when I screwed the grub screw all the way in. I removed the circlip on the arm bracket end and limited the side-to-side slack by fitting some washers on the shaft between the vibrato frame and the arm bracket. They are rated at either 500mA (Maplin 10pk GL56L £3.19) or 2A (Maplin 10pk GL62S £3.19). Badly needs a new tape loop. Also cleared a crossed thread on one of the saddles. The chrome surrounds sit on artificial rubber/PVC gaskets, which of course, over time, tend to stick to the finish on the top of the guitar. Replacement Marriott head measures 1038 ohms, 589mH. Your email address will not be published. While still making excellent guitars today, Japanese maker Tokai became known in the 1970’s for their affordable copies of the iconic American electric guitars. With both buttons down the foot switch is defeated and the amp is switched to red channel and the blue channel, although not selected, is switched to drive (red and orange LEDs on). London Guitar Repairs is a full service repair shop ranging from setups and truss rod adjustments to complicated neck resets and refrets. I carry out repair, servicing and custom work to leading brands of electric guitars including Fender, Gibson, Washburn, PRS, Ibanez, and Ltd, as well as acoustics such as Martin, Santa Cruz and Collings. Disassembled the tremolo, cleaned, lubricated and reassembled. Pickup wires are black and blue plastic insulated solid copper wire. 3 bolt, micro tilt, chrome  plated steel neck plate, 2.5mm hex key to adjust the micro-tilt. All non-standard necks (ie A,C, D) could be ordered for an extra 5% above the retail price. There are 3 dual triode valves (12AX7A) plus various op-amps in the pre-amp and the solid state 100W output stage uses a pair of complementary power MOSFETs (output transistors Exicon 10P20, 10N20 – £11.80 a pair on ebay). 32V AC for power amp – rectified to plus and minus 40V DC. Our stores are located in the world famous 'Tin Pan Alley' Denmark Street, London. Controls – The controls are mounted on a rectangular laminated MOTO celluloid plate fixed with four small screws over a hole in the lower bout. The switches on the new panel simply switch either the bass/neck pickup or the treble/ bridge pickup on (or both on) with no extra tone or level shaping components switched in or out. The bridge fixing screws and strings are on a 55mm spacing. Truss rod nut  removed, lubricated and replaced. Guitar, Bass & Musical Instrument Repair service based in London, UK. The Bigsby – The ‘licensed’ Bigsby vibrato is a B700, trapeze tailpiece model. Here the three replacement toroidal transformers can be seen mounted along the bottom of the back panel. The two bridge posts, which have a small slot in the top for height adjustment with a flat screwdriver, are M4 metric thread and they screw in to 12mm diameter metal inserts in the top of the guitar that seem to be set into the bracing. A 2006 Epiphone Custom Shop, Limited Edition, Casino thin-line, electric guitar. Look out for the William Hill bookmaker’s at street level and use my call-button on the speaker entry system. These feed 14V AC power to the bridge rectifier that feeds a 12 V DC regulator that powers the valve heaters with the two heaters in each dual triode wired in series. Work Done – The original custom mains transformer was replaced with three, off-the-shelf, toroidal transformers. The test shows the following frets are high; 10 just a little on the high E side, 12 particularly on the low E side, 14, 18 and 20 a little in the middle. Each lesson is tailored to suit each students individual taste and ability; offering a fresh and innovative approach to learning the guitar. Rather than going to waste, these tales are recycled and raveled anew with the life stories of Haim and David. The Coronado was inspired by the Beatles use of the Epiphone Casino thin-line hollow guitar and the following fashion for Epiphone style thin-line hollow and semi-hollow guitars. Tone cap – 0.022uf Orange Drop. 12 String Nut - £80. Strings cleaned. Guitar Repairs London – Acoustic and Electric Instruments, Guitar Setup London – While-You Wait & Next-Day Repairs, To find out more about my guitar repair and maintenance services or to book a free consultation simply call 07957230354 or email Terry @. The string roller and the arm now swing with very low friction. Let us restore musicality to your guitar, whether you’re a hobbyist or a working musician, whether you’re in need of a repair, adjustment or custom work. Intonation as delivered After re-stringing   saddles moved. V2 replaced with a N.O.S Brimar ECC83 – the heaters of the old valve were open circuit. Tremolo cavity fitted with a silver mirror cover plate. Two small white plastic strap buttons are screwed to the body, one to the heel and one to the end of the trapeze tailpiece. Repairs  for Fender, Gibson, Martin, Taylor, Guild, Gretsch, and many more. Work done –  Fitted a Goldo Tune-o-Matic bridge with roller saddles with added M3 bridge locking grub screws. With the flat wound strings this instrument has a very fundamental rich, dark tone. D tuner was starting to fall apart. Many of my workshop visitors are London based although many also come from far afield. As the trem arm is moved down, with the strings wrapped under the curved bottom of the string anchor, you might expect the strings to tighten and go sharp as the anchor rotates slightly anticlockwise. London Guitars is a musical instrument store in London, Ontario, Canada! The tension roller can perhaps be made to fit with suitable 3/8 to 3/16 reduction bushings. Unlike my Korean made, but genuine, Bigsby B5, on the Epiphone licensed version there are retaining circlips fitted on either end of the string shaft, holding it in place in the frame. In February of 1964 (until around 1973) Fender introduced a selection of custom neck sizes: A: A narrow 1 1/2″ neck, B: The standard 1 5/8″ neck, C: 1 3/4″ neck, D 1 7/8″ neck. Expert guitar repair, guitar setups, guitar modification and restoration on acoustic and electric guitars, basses and other fretted instruments. The light gauge stainless flats in 39 to 96, apparently are the strings used by Paul McCartney. Guitar re-strung with a set of D’Addario EXL110 nickel wound 10’s and truss rod and bridge adjusted for best action. One piece Zinc alloy bridge replaced with a Wilkinson WV6SBCR (chrome plated steel bridge plate with a steel inertia block) which has the narrower 2 1/8 inch string spacing and the oval mounting holes that will allow for the odd Tokai bridge mounting screw spacing. Each half of one ECC83 is used as an input amp for the two input channels (inputs are 1Meg each), the 6BR8 (a dual tetrode plus triode) is used for the record head driver and for the bias oscillator and the second ECC83 is used as the playback amplifier. Foot switch – The foot switch uses a stereo jack connection to switch from blue to the red channel when the ring is grounded, and from blue channel clean to drive when the tip is grounded. Your one-stop-shop for all things musical including quality guitar repair and music lessons! and DC regulator to valve heaters, F2 – T2A L250V …. We are never open on weekends and bank holidays. All aspects of the guitar’s adjustment are covered including, Fret board conditioning, Truss rod adjustment, Acoustic pick up installation. The chrome pickup surrounds have a point on one side and although these were usually fitted with the point down towards the tailpiece, some Coronado’s have them the other way up. So with the old strings fitted, the intonation is generally very sharp – the bridge is too near the neck. The pickups on this guitar, which seem to be fitted to the majority of Coronado’s on the web, are probably also DeArmond, but are simpler in construction. Bridge saddles adjusted for intonation correction. With the strings depressed at the last fret. Give us a call or stop by today and put our decades of guitar and bass fixing, sweetening, tweaking, modifying and general miracle working to … This example is a three channel, 2 by 12 combo amp with channel volumes and Master volume control. Volume controls do not work – on or off is about the best you can get. Acoustic guitar repair and setups. The Hofner HCT-500 1-SB Contemporary Violin Bass Sunburst may be had for £499 inc VAT.