They have very bright colouring which includes an orange beak, a blue head with green on the back and the chest is a reddy-orange with black bars and it has green wings and tail feathers. We're using a cockatiel cage my mom lent us for the time being. Dogs and cats – if not socialised properly can be a big danger for prey animals such as birds. 0 available. These birds are considered hardy and live for 10-20 years. Ceiling fans – Owners of birds can easily forget to turn off ceiling fans when they let the birds out of the cage for a fly which can have disastrous results. As with any small birds damage and injury can occur by simply letting your bird out of a cage and he flies into a window or another common injury in house hold pets is them flying into a ceiling fan. These birds are generally immune from the disease, but probably become carriers for the remainder of there lifetime. View Details. I open my study window and in comes the family. Wing Clipping – if wings are clipped, both wings should be clipped, not just one and all outer feathers should be cut. Lories and lorikeets live in large flocks in the wild. Although its chattering and singing can be amusing for you, its loud and shrill voice might not make it an ideal pet choice to own if you live in an apartment. View Details. Call or inbox 07882262852 Hand Raised Rainbow Lorikeet Information and care. If the last two outer feathers are not cut the bird could injur themself and if only one wing is only clipped the bird still may fly, just lopsided and cause injury when landing. To feed a lorikeet, you can purchase pre-made nectar from a pet store, which is the main source of food for lorikeets. Do not feed your bird (or any other bird) avocado, onion, chocolate, caffeine or alcohol. Enquire Now . As an ex zoo keeper it was a major concern that all animals must have a variety environmental enrichments to keep the critters entertained. A single bird demands quality time from its owner, while a pair stays content in each other’s association. Pet lorikeets require a nectar replacement diet, which are available at Birdsville. every 6 month. The Varied Lorikeet is a small pale green parrot. Condition- This is very important and should be understood by any bird owner as a bird handler every time i touch any bird i feel the birds condition by touching the birds keel bone which is underneath the bird this is the anchor where the birds large wing muscles attach to allow the bird to have strong wing muscles for flight. Toys are used as a form of environmental enrichment but enrichment shouldnt stop there. The female is duller with olive green cap. This is one of the most popular pet Lorikeets. Condition- This is very important and should be understood by any bird owner as a bird handler every time i touch any bird i feel the birds condition by touching the birds keel bone which is underneath the bird this is the anchor where the birds large wing muscles attach to allow the bird to have strong wing muscles for flight. They roost in trees at night numbering in the hundreds and thousands. Note anything found outside should be disinfected and non poisonouse and toys must be non toxic. Bird and Parrot classifieds. By 1 year old, the lorikeet has full adult plumage and her beak has changed from black to bright orange. When you are ready to purchase your new Little Lorikeet, here are so few hints for what to look for. Hand raised Baby rainbow lorikeet mixed with scaly breasted lorikeet - 3 and a half months old - very friendly and playful - good with other animals and kids - loves to cuddle up and sleep - loves all the attention - not DNA tested - feathers not all fully grown in yet $280 ono. $90 for the pair (firm). Size: These birds are 25 to 30 centimeters long. A well-balanced Lory and Lorikeet diet consists of: 1. Thread Tools: Show Printable Version. Click to continue> Rainbow Lorikeet (Trichoglossus haematodus) The Rainbow Lorikeet is a brightly coloured parrot. The diet of the rainbow lorikeet consists of flowers and shrubs which harvest nectar and pollen as well as seeds, fruit and the occasional insect. Let the birds see and listen to eachother through there cages to get used to eachother. Learn More. Baby Rainbow Lorikeet. Rainbow Lorikeet. To avoid this with unclipped birds, you will have to let your bird become use to their new environment making sure all windows are shut, ceiling fans turned off and your bird is supervised while out of the cage. This is to provide essential nutrients commonly deficient in their diet. The nuchal collar is greenish yellow. This means that your lory or lorikeet will eat a LOT and likely have frequent and often very loose projectile droppings. Diet. Rainbow Lorikeet Dietary Requirements . He will often emit a low whistle at the same time. Goldies Lorikeet. Rainbow Lorikeet truely live up to their name, with bright plumage and a personality to match. Because of birds very high metabolic rate they can lose weight very quickly and become ill so this should be checked by bird owners on a regular basis especially if they see there bird not as active as normal. Stress can be a large contributing factor making them more prone to sickness. Infections – picked up in an unclean house. Rainbow Lorikeet Scientific Name. SOLD. Their eyes open at 14 days old and gray down covers their body by the 20th day of life. If a baby Lorikeet is found on the ground then generally it is on the ground because it has a problem and can't fly. Rainbow lorikeets unlike most parrots don’t eat seed, in the wild lorikeets feed on nectar and pollen from plants and flowers. Bird and Parrot classifieds. He was obviously very young and had flown, probably in fright, when he really wasn't quite ready, and ran head on … this is no idication of sex, as the males and females look identical, the only way to sex these birds is DNA and sergical sexing. Mouth and beak – should be clean and free of injury, no lesion, wetness or build up insid the mouth. If Your lorikeet is not behaving normally seek vet advise as soon as possible. Feed your rainbow lorikeet nectar mix (either wet or dry) daily. Your bird with also require vitamin mixed into their water every two to three days. Enrichment WILL in fact effect your bird in a positive way with its mental and physical development when training your bird you will actually end up with a better, less fearful, friendlier and relaxed bird which will be more easily trained. Male rainbow lorikeets feed females while they incubate the eggs. 10/11/2020. When you first get the bird home, let it settle down and get use to their new environment for a day or two. © 2020 ( Baby Rainbow Lorikeet Sign in to follow this . Once your bird catches on to it, instead of rewarding it with food, reward it with praise. Avoid sugar and high fat treats. The rainbow lorikeet, with its Australasian origin, is a medium sized vibrant parrot known for its breathtakingly colorful appearance justifying the name. Ipswich, QLD. Colonies of rainbow lorikeets have since established in Perth in western Australia, Tasmania, New Zealand, and Hong Kong. Rainbow lorikeet is famous due to its wonderful color. If your bird is not as active as normal and appears fluffed, immediately up keep it warm with a heat lamp or a heater close to the cage. Spending time with your bird while watching TV or reading is perfect, but don’t over stress your bird in the first few weeks of taking it home, babies need their rest. Stress- When I was a zoo keeper one of our most important job was to eliminate stress, as this can be the one of the biggest issue’s with any animals kept in a captive environment. Nose, nostrels or cere – should be open and free of discharge. Enrichment tip- the trick to keeping them entertained is regularly rotating toys as they will become bored with the same toy in there cage day after day. Report. Healthy birds spend … $250 each. Do not feed birds avocado, fruit seeds, chocolate, caffeine or alcohol as these can cause serious medical conditions. Have the bird on one hand, place the other hand against the birds’ chest and say the command, step up, as you apply a slight pressure to the birds’ chest. This species has more than twenty subspecies. Rainbow lorikeets remain monogamous throughout their lives. These birds will fly from island to island in search of food. By Jen144, March 14, 2009 in Off Topic Chatter. For example, the male rainbow lorikeet will hop around the female, stretching his body out to full length, extending and bobbing his neck. Breeds March through July. Young birds should be feed on both wet and dry mix in separate containers and can later be weaned on to dry mix only. Rainbow Lorikeets are an active, playful bird that needs suficient room to move around, stretch their wing and play with toys. Check out the video below of one of our Baby Rainbow Lorikeet. These are the two most common parasites of cage birds and their environment, but are easily controlled with a Mite and Lice spray, available at Birdsville.