The JR TOKYO Wide Pass makes it easy to visit popular tourist destinations such as Mt. There's a destination With the help of this travel guide, you’ll be able to make the best use of your time – and your Japan Rail Pass – to glimpse all that the Neon City has to offer.. There's more to Japan than Tokyo. Read more. JR 7-day Pass. It has been a long debate whether passes are worth it or not. The Tokyo 1-Day Ticket allows unlimited rides on local and rapid JR East trains (excluding reserved seats) within the 23 Special Wards of Tokyo as well as on the subways, the Nippori-Toneri Liner, Tokyo Toei streetcars and the Toei Bus system. About 1000 yen for a day pass. If you plan to stay city-centric during your time in Japan, the Tokyo Wide Pass is the one for you. Kusatsu Onsen: Kusatsu is one of Japan’s best hot spring resorts and one of my personal favorites. Bypass the long ticket lines and head straight up to the top for 360-degree views of Japan's capital. 1-Day Subway Pass, which will During promotional periods, it is possible to travel farther afield on this pass, ... Alpine-Takayama-Matsumoto Area Tourist Pass detai. Fantastic gym with everything you will ever need in relation to both free weights and machines. The pass was formerly known as JR Kanto Area Pass. Located in Asakusa, one of the Tokyo center districts lays the area’s most famous and beautiful Sensoji temple. The new pass, released in 2018 for foreign tourists, offers unlimited train and bus rides in Tokyo. Compared to standard Japan train tickets, the JR Pass represents the biggest discount on Japanese public transportation that you can get. Eligibility: Foreign passport holders; Description: One-way discount ticket for normal seat on N’EX train from Narita Airport to Tokyo, Omiya, etc. Check out the tokyo national stadium. Toei Subways offer 1-day pass to travel major areas of Tokyo such as Asakusa, Shinjuku and Shibuya.Toden offers 1-day passes to enjoy sightseeing in the downtown areas of Tokyo. I don't recommend it since most rides cost under 200 Yen, and you generally don't save much money since you can't ride enough in one day. Senso-ji is a beautiful historical temple dedicated to the Goddess of Mercy. *Please buy "JAPAN RAIL PASS" before it leaves the country. Standard pass: ¥29,110 ($269 USD) for 7 days, ¥46,390 ($428 USD) for 14 days, ¥59,350 ($549 USD) for 21 days Green pass (first class): ¥38,880 ($360 USD) for 7 days, ¥62,950 ($581 USD) for 14 days, ¥81,870 ($756 USD) for 21 days Benefits: Works nationwide.Grants unlimited access to the insanely fast bullet trains. It has the same 100-meter (328 ft) diameter as its world record predecessor, the Tempozan Ferris Wheel, at … For holders of the Japan Rail Pass it’s totally worth it as the Shinkansen takes less than an hour. Fuji, Izu and Karuizawa, GALA Yuzawa. Build in the 7th century, it represents one of the oldest and most famous temples in Japan. Tokyo Subway Unlimited Pass Available from April 1, 2020 and for 2200 yen, you can buy a passbook that gives you one-time free or discounted admission to 99 Tokyo museums, zoos, aquariums, etc. I'm flying into Narita.I have heard of a brand new 3 day pass called "Tokyo Subway Ticket".I can't find specific information about where to buy it besides at a Airport sales counter at Narita Airport.. Regular tickets simply get you from A to B. The pass itself costs 7,200 yen … 16. Enjoy the flexibility of being able to pick a set itinerary, or customize your own. Price: 4. Pass can be used on Shinkansen and limited express trains, from Tokyo across Tohoku and up to Aomori. You can move around Tokyo with unlimited rides of subway trains with the Tokyo Subway Pass for only 800 yen. Valid for 1 day. Remember you have to take at least 4 to 5 rides a day using the day pass to pay for its cost. With over 750,000 readers each month, Tokyo Cheapo is the site of choice for value hunters who want their yen to go further in Tokyo. Our page about regular train tickets provides an introduction to the various fares and fees, such as the base fare and limited express fee, and the rules for using tickets. To travel with your 7-day JR Pass, means to have the unique opportunity to discover the whole country at almost the same price than a Tokyo to Kyoto (including the airport transfer), on a Shinkansen. Many visitors to Japan use the Japan Rail Pass, the convenient 7-day, 14-day or 21-day ticket that allows unlimited travel using the JR lines, including the Shinkansen and limited express lines.. When it opened in 1999, it was the world's tallest Ferris wheel. Other Tickets. JR Tokyo Wide Pass Another option is to buy the JR Tokyo Wide Pass, which is a 3-day pass that cost 10 000 Yen = US$ 88 (adult) and covers JR Lines in Tokyo and its surrounding areas like Mt Fuji and Nikko. Here is the perfect guide for how to get the metro day pass and how much you can save. Ideal for limited, fast-paced travel. The Toei and Tokyo Metro One-Day Economy Pass (1 000 yen) is only valid for the metro (it can be used as a complement for the JR Pass), and the Tokyo Metro Open Ticket (710 yen for a day, 980 yen for 2 days) can only be used for the Tokyo Metro lines. What a convenient way to travel around Tokyo for shopping, eating and even business. Cost: . See another side of the country with these top 25 easy day trips from Tokyo. In total, some 12 railway companies and 52 bus companies are part of this special Tokyo rail pass. I will need 2 tickets each per person, for 6 days. Tokyo's most striking landmark, Tokyo Skytree is a major tourist attraction that draws large crowds every day. An ever active city, there is plenty to see and do during a visit to Tokyo. There is a general understanding that 1) it depends on where you intend to stay and go and how often you are likely to ride a Tokyo metro (excluding Toei Metro lines and JR lines); 2) for many tourists doing the usual sites passes in Tokyo won't pay off; 3) N'EX plus SUICA deal is a good offer indeed. 1-day pass of the Kanazawa Loop Bus; 1-day pass for the Can buses in the Kaga Onsen area; Selected bus passes for travel from Fukui to Tojinbo and Eiheiji Temple; The pass provides discounts on admission to a small number of tourist attractions in the area.

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