It's one of the two, I'm sure. If any of Jyggalag's forces show up, he should be ready for them. You'll need to control one of the Courts of Madness. My plan has failed. 30. Hmm. Change will preserve us! Absolutely. The Elder Scrolls IV: Shivering Isles is the second expansion pack for the role-playing video game The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.Announced on January 18, 2007, the expansion was developed, published, and released over the Xbox Live Marketplace by Bethesda Softworks; its retail release was co-published with 2K Games. ", Dyus will point you towards The Howling Halls to find Ciirta, founder and leader of a cult created to rid the Isles of Sheogorath, for the eye necessary to complete the Staff. We're going to give you a taste of where you have found yourself. A movement. Is the concept of time correct? You shouldn't have any problems, though. The high elves believe that the act of creation caused the Aedra to lose most of their power and become mortal. This can't be right. I love those hats!" ~ Summon Escorts (v1.2) - Greater Power only works in the Isles, and will summon an Aureal and a Mazken. Sure enough, a new marker has appeared out in the middle of Niben Bay, east of Bravil. His will is His own; His reality follows suit. I have not seen another creature until fate, predictably, sent you to me." And Xedilian? Since you're standing here, I assume you've succeeded. I get that sometimes." Sheogorath is not capable of using magic, but if you are suicidal enough to attack him, Sheogorath will gladly fulfill your wish. Time is an artificial construct. Perhaps you will grow to your station. I alone have survived. You're going to Xedilian, one of my favorite spots in the Isles. It's more fun and you get better rewards. She's a bit obsessed with it. You will soon stumble upon an old man sitting in a chair, Dyus. Go ahead, try it again. I'm sure my Lord will be most pleased, assuming you ever manage to see Him. You'll stop Jyggalag, and I'll have My Realm to come back to. But now that we've had our fun, off to the Sacellum with you. Shivering Isles takes place on the eponymous isles ruled by the Daedric Prince of Madness, Sheogorath. And what did I find? Finally, when you ask him what happens now, he'll give you a task: "Now? ", When you've lit the Great Torch, you'll find Sheogorath sitting on one of two benches depending on which side of New Sheoth you've lit the Great Torch for, marking the beginning of the Ritual of Accession. 1 Main quest 1.1 A Strange Door 1.2 Xedilian 1.3 Understanding Madness 1.4 Relight the Great Torch 1.5 Accession 1.6 Battle for the Fringe 1.7 Betrayal 1.8 Accession, Part II 2 Side quests 2.1 Bliss 2.2 Crucible 2.3 Fellmoor 2.4 Hale 2.5 Highcross 2.6 Split 2.7 Vitharn 2.8 Other This is a list of quests in The Elder Scrolls IV: Shivering Isles. No matter. Yes, I talked to the guard. Sheogorath is the most interesting of the bunch. No concept of what you've stumbled into. Your empire will crumble before the armies of Order. Thadon's a bit lost these days. Things already here are another matter. You won't like Him as much as Me. Sheogorath is dead!! If you're the Duke/Duchess of Dementia, the messenger will be a female Golden Saint or if you're the Duke/Duchess of Mania, the messenger will be a male Dark Seducer. You'll grow powerful. There is no way to survive this fall, because the death is scripted. There was an entire expansion dedicated to it in Oblivion. He loves it." I can already feel the change beginning. And in sparing me, Sheogorath made His final mistake. You might have screwed something up, but I wouldn’t know. Which is to say, now. So I suppose my question is, who is the Sheogorath in Skyrim? When you attempt to greet him, he will happily introduce himself: "A new arrival! I'm never here when Jyggalag walks. The Staff is the symbol of power in this Realm. The other Princes, fearful of my power, cursed me with Madness, doomed me to live as Sheogorath, a broken soul reigning in a broken land. ", When you return having secured Pinnacle Rock/Brellach, which started the Symbols of Office quest, you'll notice Sheogorath standing further from his throne in a strangely... normal pose, obviously different than his usual self. Shivering Isles is an expansion to The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and introduces a new world along with a lengthy major quest. I'm sure of that. ?’cncnsjjwhsidjal) and he was getting sick of it, so he found a champion from Cyrodiil to take his place temporarily and fend off Jyggalag, so Sheogorath didn’t have to clean up as much. Or look lovely on your corpse. Change is in the air, Thadon/Syl. A new quest should be added to your journal called: "A Strange Door" 24 in-game hours after you install the expansion. **THE 1ST OF THE HALF THE VIDEO IS TALKING WITH Ri' BASSA** I become the Madgod Lord Sheogorath before I did this quest so Haskil was talking instead of the original Sheogorath… I'm Sheogorath, Prince of Madness. The elves don't see the Daedra as gods. Now, on to other..." or "You've done it! v1.5.9a (2020-03-05) USIP Changes/Fixes. We'll get to that later. Self-immolation is a wonderful thing, isn't it? Relmyna must like you, little Duke/Duchess... but probably not in THAT way. Should you ask Haskill about her, he will tell you: "She is an interesting character indeed. But, apotheosis is no simple matter and the creation of the staff is no simple task. You'll go to Cylarne and bring back the Flame of Agnon to relight the torch. Not here. Don't do that." If he's on his way, I'm on My way out. v1.5.9a (2020-03-05) USIP Changes/Fixes. Nasty stuff. When you ask him when Sheogorath will disappear, he will admit: "Soon. When you ask him about the place you ended up in, he will tell you: "You approach the Shivering Isles. And a fool! This is the last you'll see of the Madgod, or rather, the Prince of Order. ", "I sought Sheogorath. And more always show up. ASK? Not now, I'm sure of that. Just get going.". No more, no less. ", after which Sheogorath replies: "Well, well! Nothing has changed! Even the terrain itself can be difficult to navigate unless you have invested a few levels in things like athletics. It's just completely seamless, it's just another location for you to go and do, and all of the stuff you find in Shivering Isles can come with you back to Oblivion." Ask any of the Golden Saints about Sheogorath and they will state: "Sheogorath rules the Shivering Isles. Soak the staff in the waters of the land, and it will open its full power to you. Things are getting a bit thin. I'm Him! And each time I did, the curse was renewed, damning me to exist as Sheogorath. ... SE11 200 With the Staff of Sheogorath now in my possession, I should make my way to the Tree of Madness in Sheogorath's throne room. I suppose an introduction is in order. Cause I know Skyrim takes place way after the Oblivion Crisis. A bit single minded, if you take My meaning. The Hero of Kvatch has ascended to become a Daedric prince. When you tell him what happened, he will reply: "So soon? I've never actually tried that before." It should. Thus they aren't upset that they never got to become a god, but rather that they would have been gods in their own right if not for the creation of Mundus and humans. When Jyggalag left the Shivering Isles to him and went on his own way, this new godling then fully Mantled Sheogorath. I killed Belmyne a long time ago, like months in game time. An apocalypse of sorts. Does that mean you've made a decision? We're going to change things. Through the door behind me lies the realm of Sheogorath, Prince of Madness, Lord of the Never-There." I don't understand this whole thing. While having summoned him twice, the Madgod will yet again ask you to summon him: "Isn't that a hoot? ~ Sheogorath's Knock (v1.2) - Lesser Power only works in the Isles, and will unlock ANY door (locked or unlocked) and remove any trespassing consequences that may have otherwise existed. I thought we had more time. Your help is required. There, imbue the Staff with power from the Font of Madness. Anyway... there are those that have other ways into my Realm, and they're on the move. My Lord Sheogorath does not like those who lollygag. It's simple, really. Destruction. Or was it clowns? Summon him. When he gets killed, the voice of Sheogorath himself will echo from the three-headed statue, inviting you to enter the Realm: When you enter the portal, you'll find Sheogorath's Chamberlain, Haskill, sitting behind a desk. More than he knows. No. Colorless. She'll help you with your task. And when you finally ask him what it is you are to learn, he'll explain: "Two halves, two rulers, two places. shrine of sheogorath, its not in shivering islse, but original oblivion, one of the most creative quests in the game Not true. Break the cycle. To be honest, it wasn't the best idea. It didn't slow him down. Or you'll die trying. If they've already taken the Fringe, they must have one there already. 5 months ago. I think A Door to Niben Bay quest usually starts 24 hours after you first install the Shivering Isles or begin the game, but it can take up to 3 game days. Well, look who's here - it's you! I will require two sacred items in order to complete it." Ever been to Malacath's realm...? For millennia this drama has unfolded, and each time, I have conquered this land, only to be transformed back into that gibbering fool, Sheogorath. Hates it. After the conclusion of the Shivering Isles DLC for Oblivion, many fans wonder about the character's past and his goals. After the dispute, the Duke/Duchess will leave the Sacellum and Sheogorath will turn his attention to you: Shivering Isles also introduces new dialogue for Sheogorath during the. On Jyggalag, he'll explain: "He's almost here. And you with it. ", When you've finished both the quests Addiction and The Lady of Paranoia, Sheogorath will send you on the next quest, The Cold Flame of Agnon, as he greets you: "Well, well. Trying to talk to Sheogorath again will agitate him slightly: "Isn't there something you should be doing right now? Someone new? We might be onto something with you, after all. Unsurprisingly, it is he who makes it possible for you to enter his realm and start the Main Quest by opening a portal in Cyrodiil. Oh, this is so much fun!" "; or Syl: "Syl is as crafty as she is beautiful. I’ll explain later. For now, the Madgod is none other than yourself! That's important. It never ends well. The problem … By stopping it, he hopes to break the cycle, saving his realm from total destruction. Afterwards do the shivering isles when your bored of the cyrodill and you find new quests, enemies, weapons, rewards and difficulty. You don't even really know where you are, do you? Once, I ruled this Realm, a world of perfect Order. And not in a good way. You need to follow them. No! This is My Realm, remember? Cheese for everyone! The Mad Prince will ask you to visit a settlement of superstitious individuals, where he will then help you make these people believe that the end of the world is coming. We'll get to that, all in due time. And if you don't, I'll swallow your soul and vomit it into the Everfilling Chamberpot of the Ageless. Once you've taken care of the Obelisk at The Fringe, and either Aurig Desha or Grakendo Udico has asked you to report the news to Sheogorath, he will be satisfied as you greet him, only to immediately send you off on another quest, officially finishing this one: "News of your success in the Fringe precedes you. Maybe you'll live through this. Once you meet Sheogorath, he’ll give you some tasks to help stop the invasion of the forces of order, commanded by the daedric prince of order, Jyggalag. We do have evidence of jyggalag being worshipped in a few books that mention him through different games and when he does arrive he brings about changes that by some sources are believed to end eras and other sources say he arrives at the end of eras, being the most powerful daedric prince either could be possible. Save some for later. This cult worshiped the daedric prince of destruction, Mehrunes Dagon. This conversation marks the beginning of the quest Retaking The Fringe. I don't like it, having to rebuild My Realm every era. Normally, Sheogorath talks to you; his voice changes to his SI voice after you have installed the expansion. I give myself to him, as a Priest of Order! But, really, it's divine. You'll need all the help you can get if you're going to defeat Jyggalag and stop the Greymarch. She believed Sheogorath to be a traitor to His people. But, this is all new! A perfect job for you, my newest and only Noble in the realm! We, the Aureal, are His favored soldiers, the most perfect expression of His might." However, I generally prefer to see zones that have not been featured on other games before. A lot. What have you done? The only real problem you'll encounter is that the monsters and creatures are tough as hell for a low-level player. Then, go to the shrine, which is north of Leyawiin and southwest of Fort Nomore. That’s because only few knew of the events of the shivering lsles to help keep jyggalag Hidden from the other daedric princes so he would have time to bulid power to strike back. When we next meet I will not know you, and I will slay you like the others." Away. And a complete lunatic. A mismatched if/endif in RufioDieScript caused the script to fail to compile its changes at some point, so even though the source code said it was updated, the compiled binary code actually hadn't been. I love that about you." I've completed the Mage's Guild, Brotherhood, Thief's Guild, & arena questlines, along with about 30% of standalone/drudic quests. Sheogorath cannot bring himself to destroy the knowledge that I possess. After I shape them into the Staff, you must take it to the seat of power in the Shivering Isles -- the Palace of Sheogorath. Shivering Isles features more than 30 hours of new gameplay as you are sent to explore the realm of Sheogorath, the Daedric Prince of Madness. Its inhabitants are just as bad. If you tell him you're not ready to choose yet, he will get quite irritated: "I hate indecision! That should keep out the stragglers. Sheogorath's Shrine is located on the border to Elsweyr, halfway between Bravil and Leyawiin. He's a sport." This is not over, Madgod. Although... you're omnipotent. Or die trying. Best part of being a Daedric Prince, really. The reason for your being here, and the likely cause of your death." The Shivering Isles. The suspense is killing me. Iirc there's loads of different dialogue for this quest depending on how far along you are in shivering isles. Certainly not. It is where they return from the waters of Oblivion through its Wellspring. Mania? The Ritual is complete, and you've survived! Much to the dismay of Haskill, Sheogorath's reward is the Summon Haskill Lesser Power, a spell which, as the name states, allows you to summon Haskill at any place and any time in the realm. Whichever. The Duke of Mania and the Duchess of Dementia. If you've only spoken to one, he'll remark: "You haven't spoken to both Priests. I need a champion, and you've got the job. Sheogorath is truly an insane god that will prove to be quite an entertaining character during the quests. He also carries lettuce and a yarn for his personal pleasure, which are also found at his shrines inside homes in the realm. Do what they will, so you know what they're about. Syl... my... Syl is dead? Have you done this? He was cursed by the other Daedric princes to become mad, but at the end of every era, he was allowed to return as himself to bring order to the madness and destroy the Shivering Isles, only to become Sheogorath again and have to rebuild it. Should I finally jump into the main quest, do shivering isles, or just keep exploring? He dislikes leaving My presence. With that done, the Fringe should be secure. If you have problems with the quest you can deactivate the DLC from the data files and save your game without it installed, then reactivate the DLC to reinstall it and the quest will start over. There has to be a way out. Is this right? You can't be doing both, can you? Completing the main quest helps you level up and I would do that before anything else. After having summoned Haskill at least three times, Sheogorath will finally get down to business: "Good, good! The Realm...." As the conversation ends, he will transform into Jyggalag when he utters the words: "The realm is dead! You'll need the respect of My citizens. She'd do anything for me, that little minx." Talking to me isn't one of them.". All of the Isles will recognize you as Sheogorath, which is in practice, other than having additional duties and priviliges as described by Haskill during The Prince of Madness, nothing more than an aesthetic title. Try not to do something stupid. We don't want them here. I'd watch my back if I were you. But it doesn't. The main quest doesn't need to be completed, just started. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. When you ask him what you should do next, he'll explain: "Now? He will return during The End of Order as Jyggalag, never to be seen as his old self again. The Birth of a Madgod []. ", Upon your arrival in the Throne Room, you find out the Font of Madness has been tainted by Order. Mostly, he just destroys everything around him. You now hold the mantle of madness, and Jyggalag is free to roam the voids of Oblivion once more. We seek light for all. Divided, yet perfect. Ah, makes sense. However, no mortal may sit upon the throne without the staff. Acquire one sample of Lettuce, a Lesser Soul Gem, and a spool of Yarnand offer them to the shrine. Or are you lost? Then I have to pick up the pieces. When you ask him what he means, he'll explain: "You'll be stopping the Greymarch. At least I don't think so. Download and install the Shivering Isles DLC. Needs a clear presentation of dialogue through tables or other means, along with better image placement. If you ask him why you are the one to stop the Greymarch, he'll tell you: "Because you seem a nice enough sort. Look at you. The Elder Scrolls IV: Knights of the Nine. I crumble, I fade, the Realm dies. Did you even know? When you ask him what he wants, he'll explain: "I've been waiting for you, or someone like you, or someone other than you, for some time. Well. And some are more unwanted than others." A mismatched if/endif in RufioDieScript caused the script to fail to compile its changes at some point, so even though the source code said it was updated, the compiled binary code actually hadn't been. Hold your tongue, little Duke/Duchess, or I'll tear it from your mouth. You won't, really. You will seek the assistance of Relmyna Verenim in Xaselm to rebuild the Gatekeeper. Must have missed that detail when playing through it. You've seen his Knights. ", after which he rewards you with an enchanted amulet called Charity of Madness. ", At that moment, a messenger will run up to Sheogorath, starting the quest The Helpless Army. Since I won't be around. We're a bit of each other, really. Thadon loves surprises! Breathe it deep! Sheogorath (in Daedric script, ) is the Daedric Prince of Madness. It wouldn't do to just let them in if more show up. Before I change my mind. I already feel not quite Myself. As a Priest of Order, I'll be safe. Full of fill. The Greymarch is ended. The first item needed is a mortal's eye who has witnessed the disappearance of Sheogorath and survived the Greymarch: "The Shivering Isles hold many secrets but few remain unseen by mortal eyes. This isn't done, Madgod. Mortal...? Wait, scratch that. However, she did not recognize this event for what it was. Should you ask him about the Staff of Sheogorath again at this point, he will add: "The Staff of Sheogorath contains a portion of the divine power of the Daedric Prince. When you ask him what you should do now, he'll tell you: "Now? No? My creation, My place, My rules. Obtain a lesser soul gem, a head of Lettuce and a ball of Yarn. He will explain that the portal serves as an invitation when you ask him why there's a door: "Because my Lord wills it to be so. But leave. Order has attacked Brellach/Pinnacle Rock and routed us! Namely: the Staff of Sheogorath." Which will it be?" Who'd have thought? Hold your tongue. Not a surprise, I suppose. They've taken the Fringe! They're the backbone of any great land. Oblivion: Shivering Isles. * After completing the main quest, you will be able to summon portals to take you from and into Shivering Isles (based on Wrye Shivering). That's what I'll do. ", he will suddenly burst out in anger: "Ask? Sheogorath is the only NPC in the game who has a modeled beard. Not that it's a bad thing. The entire questline of the Shivering Isles has made this DLC one of my favorite ones by far. With the staff, there was hope. Too soon. Death. It suits him. Oblivion and Skyrim are both incredible entries into The Elder Scrolls franchise and part of what makes them popular among fans is the incredible DLC expansions. Honestly, I didn't know there were five already. Quests: written by Alpha Kenny Buddy (CS, Already Written), Services: written by Corevette789 N/A (In-Game), checked by Jeancey (CS), Personal Inventory: written by Alpha Kenny Buddy/Dwarfmp (CS), checked by mxk101 (in-game), House Contents: written by GK (lives in Palace of Sheogorath), checked by The Silencer, Unique Dialogue: written by Alpha Kenny Buddy/Dwarfmp (CS), Faction: written by Alpha Kenny Buddy (CS, Already Written), checked by Jeancey (CS), Spells: written by Kalis Agea (CS), checked by Jeancey (CS). It is now dead wood. Or not. By Greg Mueller on October 5, 2013 at 3:02PM PDT At least. Discussing Shivering Isles Quest Codes on Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion - Shivering Isles PC message board and forum (page 1). You might be surprised. For now, you've got other work to do." ", Upon defeating the Prince, however, he will explain the truth behind the Greymarch in a final speech: "Enough! I'm lying. Haven't you noodled it all through yet? That's always nice! When you tell him you haven't failed, you'll put a smile on his face: "Optimism! We were... slaughtered by his Dark Seducers. ", When you've passed the Gates of Madness after having defeated The Gatekeeper, which starts A Better Mousetrap, it is only a matter of time before you reach Sheogorath himself. The people will rally around you. See why critics called Oblivion the Best Game of 2006. She once made her way into the throne room during the Greymarch and saw that Sheogorath was nowhere to be found. ", He will then turn to you: "This is a particularly exciting turn of events, is it not? I suggest you see to your duties. Calm yourself, Thadon/Syl. Even at the end, you make me laugh. No one likes you that much. This happened at least in part when he bathed the new Staff of Sheogorath in the Font of Madness. No more. One way or another, I fear that our time has run out. After having discovered the portal during A Door in Niben Bay, a seemingly insane Dunmer, Belmyne Dreleth, will emerge from it and attack Gaius Prentus. Thadon... dead? You can also head to the Strange Door before the game hours have elapsed and you have received the quest, but you will not get a quest marker. And it really began to smell. or "I could not abide Sheogorath's betrayal. But you're still going to stop the Greymarch. ... because they’re salty that an elf never got to become a god. Shivering Isles adds to the existing world of Oblivion, so you can continue playing with your existing save game/character, or create an all-new character just to explore the new content in Shivering Isles. Bursting at the seams. Snobby little fucks. It's a pain to replace. However, the secrets of its construction are lost." Does only the first time matter? You can either choose Syl, starting the Ritual of Dementia: "A dangerous choice. Commanders Staada and Dylora, one of which will be encountered during the Helpless Army quest, will add: "Brellach/Pinnacle Rock was given to us by our Lord Sheogorath as a sanctuary and place of restoration. I can feel it. Or I will. Well, maybe a little. Fare thee well, Sheogorath, Prince of Madness.". Eternity is on a rather tight deadline. The expansion pack takes place in the “Realm of Madness”, also known as the Shivering Isles, a realm of Oblivion ruled by the daedric prince Sheogorath. A shame about Thadon, but it's how he would have wanted to go. I have seen His empty throne -- seen it with my own eyes while New Sheoth burned in the grey fires of Order. Depending on your actions, you may hear her opinion on Sheogorath when you speak to her: "I know His secret. Bit of a shame for them. I will take my leave, and you will remain here, mortal. The messenger explains their base is under attack: "Lord Sheogorath! Yes! The enemy of my enemy. An arbitrary system based on the idea that events occur in a linear direction at all times. You have mistaken the Tribunal with the good daedra. For me. Press J to jump to the feed. Or really lacking in good judgement." When you ask him how you are going to stop Jyggalag, he'll get irritated: "Again with the niggling little details! This is how it ends. Sheogorath had fled! After you get through the Gates of Madness, you can feel free to explore the Shivering Isles if you like, but your main goal should be to get to Sheogorath and continue the storyline. This isn't good. Their minds are now the property of my Lord." Or perhaps it is. Try not to lose it. Cookies help us deliver our Services. A useless twig. We'll get back to that later." Return to Sheogorath after he completes this "apocalypse", and receive Wabbajack as your reward. Shivering Isles adds more than enough new and interesting content to give you a great reason to dive back into the world of Oblivion. Divinely tiresome. I see what's going on. Or runs. No need to burden your little brain with it now. It was you all along! Overview. As for His intent... to attempt to fathom it is a foolish endeavor. The issue with Talos is that he cannot be an Aedra in the High Elven pantheon because he was not part of the creation of Mundus. She believes that Sheogorath had abandoned the Realm out of fear of Jyggalag's attack. Now to the meat of your endeavor. Attempting to talk to him again before having spoken to any of the High Priests, he'll point you to them again: "You're talking to me. It basically invalidates their beliefs if you can willy nilly stick some "inferior" human into that role. You'll have their love, their admiration, their complaints! Happens every time. Just let me know." He will tell you about Thadon: "Thadon may be in a constant state of euphoria, but I wouldn't underestimate his intelligence. I should have seen it before. * After completing the main quest, you will be able to summon portals to take you from and into Shivering Isles (based on Wrye Shivering). ", Once you have created a new Gatekeeper, the next thing is to report the news: "A new Gatekeeper! Another thing to mention is if you do Sheogorath's Daedric quest after completing Shivering Isles, it's Haskill talking to you. Once you understand what My Realm is, you might understand why it's important to keep it intact. Shivering Isles Questline. The Shivering Isles quest starts with a notification that a strange door was found in Bravil's bay -- I believe it happens 24 hours (in-game) after the expansion's installed. It can be tiresome. I'm sure it's bad. Prince of Madness, a new Sheogorath. I can't do this anymore. Outside the city of New Sheoth, two cults roam the lands: the Heretics in Mania, who wish to see Sheogorath dethroned, and the Zealots in Dementia, who believe Arden-Sul was Sheogorath's mortal aspect. Neat trick if you could." Bah! Far away. - posted in Oblivion Discussion: Well, I'm currently level 26 (stealth based). When you've been declared Duke/Duchess by either Arctus or Dervenin, Sheogorath will be thrilled upon greeting you: "You've done it! Perhaps it will serve you well. I know most people here have not played Oblivion, (you really should) so I’ll give a quick recap of events. Besides, won't it be a grand surprise when you make his heart burst from too much Greenmote? I'm speaking with someone. Farther than anyone else. Asking Haskill about Xedilian repeatedly, he will add: "I'd suggest you make haste and get to Xedilian. I'm not over there yet, but I'm not quite here. His realm in Oblivion is known as the Shivering Isles, otherwise known as the Madhouse or "The Asylums" by the Imperial Census of Daedra Lords. The Shivering Isles quest starts with a notification that a strange door was found in Bravil's bay -- I believe it happens 24 hours (in-game) after the expansion's installed. I really hate those things." If sheogorath is worshipped it's clearly not done so openly, well at least not by the sane.

oblivion sheogorath quest after shivering isles

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