The rest of my family are very prone to hitting kangaroos. There are two major exceptions. All times AEDT (GMT +11). She … After driving from VIC to QLD & knowing that kangaroos like to jump in front of cars. Why here? Was a large kangaroo I was pretty lucky nothing else happened as it hit right in front of me I saw its head and body roll right over the car in front of me. Nationwide News Pty Limited Copyright © 2020. With some adult males standing at over 1.8 meters tall and weighing up to 90kg of pure muscle, they can do some serious damage to your car if you are unlucky enough to collide with one. The woman was later arrested — but initially thought she could get away with her ‘chili-finger’ scam, because suing people is such … And then like a scene out of The Hangover – BOOM! Watch Queue Queue Within a matter of seconds, the kangaroo then jumps high into the air and lands on the windscreen. Motorists narrowly avoided a broken windscreen after a kangaroo took a giant leap towards their car. The marsupial then weaves in front of the car, causing the driver to slam on the brakes. This doesn’t look too different from Fiona’s drawing, if you ask me. The video serves as a reminder to drivers stay vigilant in rural areas where native wildlife are prone to crossing roads without warning. “In that situation (when you’re on a cliff, or a bridge, or driving past an oncoming car), your mind is actually saying, ‘You’re in an unsafe situation—back up from the ledge.’ People usually obey that signal and back up. No comments have so far been submitted. i’d never seen a kangaroo before that night and it chased us and smashed into the side of the car. The marsupial then changes directions and jumps in front of the car, causing it to stop. But Mr Flynn says you can still get caught out by wildlife jumping in front of your car, and when that happens it is time to hit the brakes. This video is unavailable. Picture: The Farmers cook WA/FacebookSource:Facebook. or debate this issue live on our message boards. Posted by 5 years ago. save. Close. Now you're a murderer. Kangaroo down. The truck driver might valiantly give his life that you may live. Unpredictable motion is ideal for evading upright preditors with spears, but no so good for collision avoidance with fast moving metal objects. [Jayce Eustice] Wally the Kangaroo was rescued from the Illinois River in Peru on Tuesday afternoon. Not usually but once, when driving on a country road after dark, a very big one (I think a Red Kangaroo) one jumped across the road right in front of me. A merica is the land of the free — and the home of people suing each other over frivolous lawsuits. “My seven-year-old actually said to me: ‘Look mum, I can show you how to draw a kangaroo if you like?’,” she said. Join the conversation, you are commenting as, — Australia’s leading news site. Watch Queue Queue. You might die, you might live to pay millions of dollars in medical bills. Fiona Cosgrove was one of those unlucky drivers, who had a close encounter with a kangaroo when it jumped out in front of her car as she and her family were driving back to their farm in Arrowsmith East, Western Australia. Play it now. Trump loses Georgia yet again as his recount confirms Biden won and secretary of state says there's definitely no voting fraud, Republican congressman says he will officially challenge election results when Congress meets to confirm Electoral College votes in January in last-minute bid to overturn Joe Biden's victoryÂ, Security guard, 22, says she was sexually assaulted by prominent NYC priest, 75, who she 'filmed watching gay porn in church rectory', 'Christmas Eve has always been a special occasion for our family': Kate Middleton's mother hints at Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis' 'sweet excitement' over Santa Claus visiting, Pigs won't fly! Published: 21:03 EST, 25 October 2018 | Updated: 02:17 EST, 26 October 2018. If you have been lucky enough to have never had to lodge an insurance claim, there is a section on the form where you are asked to draw a picture of what happened. Fiona Cosgrove was one of those unlucky drivers, who had a close encounter with a kangaroo when it jumped out in front of her car as she and her family were driving back to their farm in Arrowsmith East, Western Australia. Don't have an account? You might die quickly, this is true. It then quickly changes directions once more into the right lane, before pausing as the car creeps up next to it.Â. If it’s safe to do so try to gently steer or swerve, but only once you’ve slowed down; you’re better off hitting a kangaroo than ending up off the road having a bigger crash. “It took out the front left hand side fog light, popped out the front left side wheel arch, put a big dent in the left hand passenger door and the broke the back left wheel arch,” Ms Cosgrove told It then bounces off the side of the car before bounding away as if nothing happened. You can see the kangaroo emerge from … May 2, 2016 3:32pm A KANGAROO trying to dodge a driver has jumped straight into the car in a head-on crash, cracking the front windscreen. Sign up, Join the conversation, you are commenting as Logout. I am aiming for an Archibald and maybe an art school scholarship,” she joked. Part of the Daily Mail, The Mail on Sunday & Metro Media Group, Kayleigh McEnany's press briefing goes haywire as her maskless baseball player HUSBAND gets into confrontation with photographer for refusing to cover up and pro-Trump podcaster yells 'you crushed it Kayleigh'Â, 'It's statistically impossible that I lost': White House releases 46-minute 'address' by Trump complaining about losing the election and pleading with the Supreme Court to OVERTURN Biden victory, Lawyer Lin Wood says Trump called to tell him he will 'never concede' - then undermines Georgia Republican Senate candidates by casting doubt on 'another rigged election', Pelosi and Mitch McConnell rush to vote through Defense bill in face of Trump's threat to veto it unless it ALSO terminates internet giants' Section 230 protectionÂ, San Francisco bans tobacco smoking and vaping inside all apartment buildings in the city - but pot use is ALLOWED, 'Dave's a hypocrite!' “I have been asked this morning if I have a sequel picture coming out. If the case is that the kangaroo jumps out right in front of you, brake heavily and try not to swerve.The first step is to slow down as safely as possible by braking in a straight line. A lucky motorist has narrowly avoided catastrophe after a kangaroo jumped onto the windshield of this car. If someone jumps in front of a car, gets hit, and is killed, is the driver charged with murder? Awesome. But there is a ray of light in this unfortunate tale, which comes in the form of her insurance claim sketch. Kung-fu kanga! Headlight gone. "In … To join the conversation, please Log in. Generally, the answer is no. The video, posted to Viralhog, opens with the car moving along the road slowly, just metres behind the bouncing kangaroo. then another run run out in front of us! The best way to avoid collecting a kangaroo is not to drive at dawn, dusk and night as the experts say. If a kangaroo jumps out or is on the road the first step is to wash off as much speed as possible by braking in as straight a line as possible. it felt like a full attack so we panicked. Members of a Perth-based band 'Thank You Frank' captured the scary moment when travelling back from rehearsal in Casuarina, 40 kilometres south of the Western Australian capital. A zombie kangaroo hops in front of the headlights from the left side of the road, turns, and sees the car coming down the path. If it’s safe to do so, try to gently swerve but only once you’ve slowed down; you’re better off hitting a kangaroo than ending up in an accident caused by swerving, which can result in the injury of the driver or … Fuck life! Picture: The Kangaroo SanctuarySource:Supplied. Man Dies After Jumping Onto Subway Tracks With Daughter, 5, Police Say The girl survived after her father jumped in front of an oncoming train at … We are a Kangoo Jumps rebound shoes official distributor with excellen customer support. It happened to my girlfriend. Find out more about our policy and your choices, including how to opt-out. “I drew it in led pencil first and then traced over it in pen and then looked at it and went ‘Oh, that’s bad’.”. 14 comments. Why now? Farm Heroes Saga, the #4 Game on iTunes. Within a matter of seconds, the kangaroo then jumps high into the air and lands on the windscreen. The dashcam footage uploaded to YouTube shows a kangaroo bouncing out from surrounding shrubland onto the road in front of the unsuspecting driver. 53. Captured on video, the marsupial was seen weaving in front of the car's headlights on a remote road in Western Australia. The force of its jump knocked off the car… It is pretty common out here,” she said. I needed a device to warn the kangaroos that I was coming. Ms Cosgrove shared a picture of her work to her Facebook page ‘The Farmers Cook WA’, so her followers could all get a laugh out of the “massive dinosaur like creature” she had drawn. hide. A bullbar or push bumper (also called a (kanga)roo bar or nudge bar in Australia, a moose bumper in Canada, and a push bar, PIT guard, PIT bar, PIT bumper, ram bar, ram bumper, brush guard, bumper bar, grille bar, grille guard, rammer or cattle pusher (in the United States), is a device installed on the front of a vehicle to ram other with front on collisions, whether an accidental … For a split second I was in a self-absorbed dream like daze. Why not be the first to send us your thoughts, The men behind the camera laugh as it jumps around in front of them, with one of them saying: 'What are you doing, mate?'. A fiery tempered kangaroo has been captured on video attacking a Canberra man's car. Archived. Find out more about our policy and your choices, including how to opt-out. “Although it hasn’t been tested in a kangaroo-specific environment, there was an instance where black swans were interfering, and so they had to build into the car … Hasn't happened to me, but almost has. This is good advice. 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