Stem arising from the bulb is cylindrical, hollow, 30 to 40 centimeters long, the tip bearing 2 to 4 stalked, showy, more or less nodding, red or orange colored flowers. 4. By contrast, the genus Amaryllis refers to bulbous species from South Africa (usually grown outdoors). Lily (186) Items (186) Orange (3) Items (3) Begonia (2) Items (2) Cherry (2) Items (2) Angel Wing (1) Items (1) ... Hippeastrum puniceum var. Voss appears in other Kew resources: IPNI - The International Plant Names Index. Planting Hippeastrum Bulbs in containers. Hippeastrum puniceum; Media in category "Hippeastrum puniceum" The following 32 files are in this category, out of 32 total. Common name Barbatum Lily, Grand crinum lily. Blumengärtn. amaryllis, Barbados lily (U.S.A.) harmattan lily, cacao lily (Irvine)., Burkill, H.M. 1985. But the amaryllis name is already famous. Amaryllidaceae (4) ... Hippeastrum puniceum is the “amaryllis” of commerce that is extensively cultivated outdoors in the southern United States and indoors elsewhere. Exposure to glutamate (125 µM) induced a significant decrease in cell viability of primary cerebral cortical neurons. See below Description. Barbados Lily (Hippeastrum puniceum) in the Amaryllis Database - New and … Join our friendly community that shares tips and ideas for gardens, along with seeds and plants. _____ Payment by Paypal within 5 days. Additional Sources and Suggested Readings (1) 3-O-Acetyl-narcissidine, a bioactive alkaloid from Hippeastrum puniceum Lam. / C. P. Deepa, Beena Briget Kuriakose / International Journal of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemical Research, 2014; 6(2); pp 399-404 Linnaeus had earlier worked on the Estate of George Clifford near Haarlem between 1735 and 1737 describing the plants growing there in his Hortus Cliffortianusin 1738. show all records. Phytochemical screening of various extracts yielded alkaloids, carbohydrates, flavonoids, tannins, saponins, terpenoids, proteins and amino acids. Hippeastrum puniceum / Synonyms / The Plant List HIPPEASTRUM PUNICEUM (LAMK.) [J. Lamarck & al.] Voss. Preferred Scientific Name; Hippeastrum puniceum Preferred Common Name; Barbados lily Taxonomic Tree; Domain: Eukaryota Kingdom: Plantae Phylum: Spermatophyta Subphylum: Angiospermae Class: Monocotyledonae ; A. belladonna Auct. Related name. Leaves strap-shaped, to 12 x 1 inches, bright green, blunt-tipped. Voss. Voss. 2018. ‘It flowers towards the end of April. There are several cultivated forms, including a hybrid with dark red flowers with a white stripe running along the center of each segment. alberti 1 bulb (about 2.5" inch). It is The flower stem is about 30CM long. Pages in category "Hippeastrum puniceum" This category contains only the following page. Voss. Hippeastrum purpureum Kuntze; Has 7 Synonyms. The compound also inhibited root growth, root development, and germination of several weeds. 1. Availability Find help & information on Hippeastrum papilio butterfly amaryllis from the RHS Search. Hippeastrum puniceum roezlii (Regel) Voss. Voss Hippeastrum puniceum (Lam.) (5) Description Hippeastrum pardinum is a mudium species. Common Name(s): hippeastrum [English] Taxonomic Status: Current Standing: accepted Data Quality Indicators: Record Credibility Rating: verified - standards met ... Hippeastrum puniceum (Lam.) Amaryllis brasiliensis Andrews Maroon lily (Engl.) Pharmacognostic and Phytochemical Evaluation of the Bulbs of Hippeastrum puniceum (Lam.) The record derives from WCSP which reports it as an accepted name (record 278253) with original publication details: Vilm. - Cultivated. Amaryllis belladona E.Mey. Inflorescence a 2-4-flowered umbel, scape to 12 inches tall, hollow; bracts 1.25-2.5 inches long. Hippeastrum roezlii (Regel) Baker. Accessed: 2018 Jul. used Efloraofindia (earlier Indiantreepix) is the largest Google e-group in the world in this field & largest nature related in India devoted to creating awareness, helping in identification etc. The name Hippeastrum, given to it by William Herbert, means "Knight's-star-lily", although precisely what Herbert meant by the name is not certain. … Manifestations of poisoning may include gastrointestinal (vomiting, salivation, diarrhea, abdominal pain), convulsions, cardiac arrhythmias, low blood pressure and respiratory depression. Voss is an accepted name. The distribution in this summary table is based on all the information available. ; Amaryllis equestris W. Ait. Synonym: WCSP: 2012-03-23: Hippeastrum purpureum Kuntze [Illegitimate] Synonym: WCSP: non L Spermatophyt ; Sp. Hippeastrum puniceum is the “amaryllis” of commerce that is extensively cultivated outdoors in the southern United States and indoors elsewhere. There are red spots on the petals. Description: "Perennial herb; bulbs with short neck. Easter lily (Engl.) Common name(s): [more details] English: Barbados lily, orange lily Habit: herb. Voss : Hippeastrum pyrrochroum Lem. Hippeastrum puniceum is a bulbous perennial native to tropical regions of South America although it has become naturalized elsewhere.

hippeastrum puniceum common name

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