Their exciting colours are suitable for an office or home aquarium for those who love to keep fish. Convict cichlid spawning happens all the year round with some small breaks. While setting up an aquarium for the Convict Cichlid, you should consider their natural habitat conditions. After a successful mating, the female will lay up to 300 eggs and will immediately begin to guard them. Along with the maintenanceof water quality, you also need to clean the entire tank whenever it turnsdirty. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); It is quite natural that the replacement process requires alot of time but it is necessary to do once in a month to maintain the qualityof the water. After choosing a dark hiding place, the female courts the male, then lays her eggs on the flat rocks or on the side of a flower pot. with the help of the aquarium filter. Once the female convict cichlid prepares the spawning site, she will guard it against other fish in the tank. There are more than 1,700 species in the Cichlid family. can also keep driftwood in the tank because Cichlid loves consuming the algae Uri Shasha 19,219 views. The hobby of fishkeeping sounds fascinating but it is notvery easy to maintain the necessities of pet fish. Set the fish tank as per the comfort of your pet Cichlid by considering these suggestions: You need to purchase a 30-gallon aquarium for this 6” fish because it needs a spacious area to dwell, and without space, it cannot have a great lifespan. Their roles are defined during the brooding period although it is carried out in coordination. So, the fish keepers don’t need to worry much about the dietary requirements of the fish. The The female Convict Cichlid will independently perform all the parental roles without any difficulty. Convict Cichlid are very easy to breed type of fish. According to the study done by expert aquarists, Convict Cichlids are very good and highly-protective parents for their children. However, since your aim is to raise a healthy Convict Cichlid, ensure their food has all the nutrition value they require for their growth. In addition, stress or unfavourable living conditions can also lead to increased aggression for a Convict Cichlid. Naturally, Convict Cichlid are bi-parental species. This female has much more red than most Convicts. The female takes the eggs into her mouth and broods them until the fry are free-swimming. The male also have larger dorsal and anal fins compared to the female Convict Cichlid. It is very easy and straight forward to tell whether a Convict Cichlid is male or female. The male Convict Cichlid can grow up to 6 inches, whilst the female will grow to around 4.5 inches. The average convict cichlid size is around 4-5 inches when fully grown.These fish are rather small compared to other cichlid species. This American fish is found both in the hot geysers of hilly areas and warm streams of the land region under the rocks and sunken branches. Wash out the tank and the objects with a soft brush andliquid soap. This makes them easy to take care of especially for beginners in fish keeping. i put the male in there and for the first 5 minutes he was alright and then like a lil while later, the female started biting him and chasing him. Female guppies for sale a female guppy like the one just above offered for sale on this page is pregnant. Aggression in cichlids and how to stop it - Duration: 2:50. Aquarists also collect this fish from Panama, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa-Rica, Australia, and Honduras. In most african cichlids, the males will grow larger than the female cichlids. The parents continue to fan the fry over the night as they protect them from predators or any other danger. Adopting other young fish helps to give the Convict Cichlid the dilution effect advantage. The adult Convict Cichlid also fan the eggs, day and night, using their fins to ensure the eggs are well oxygenated. Housing a cichlid with a betta would be very interesting, but ultimately destructive. Juvenile convict cichlids are monomorphic until they reach sexual maturity. They are also known to be strong swimmers who have the potential to move and rearrange the tank, therefore, anchor your water plant or use strong plants such as Java Ferns. So as a fish keeper, your prime duties are to keep the fish home clean, provide proper nutrition to your swimmer-companion and help them in laying eggs comfortable. You can purchase this fish at $5.88-$12.88. On the contrary, many Tanganyikan cichlids such as the Julidochromis will have a larger female. So be cautious before choosing proper tankmates for this fish. Male Pink Convicts are usually pink with no red markings. I have a mating pair of convicts and my female only has an orange belly when she is going to lay eggs. In most types of cichlid fish, the male will be larger than the female, measuring up to a full inch inch longer. Convict Cichlid loves dwelling in slow-moving water on the bed of the rocky substrates. He doesn't have a bump on his head yet. Due to their territorial and aggressive nature, it is advisable to keep them in a separate tank, or pick their tank mates carefully. The dorsal, anal and caudal fins of the male fish may be … The pink Convict Cichlid do not have black vertical stripes. Your email address will not be published. This concerns both separ… My male is slightly larger and he has longer fins. Therefore, consider using plastic plants for the tank. At the age of seven months, Convict Cichlid gets sexually matured and ready to lay eggs. a good filter in the tank, so that the impurities get washed out from the tank Different species have specific features and characteristics. If you have any questions feel free to contact me or leave a comment below. In the wild, these fish will be found hiding behind rock-patterns and branches. Originally and commonly, Convict Cichlid are found in the warm fresh water rivers and streams of Central America from the Costa Rica across to Panama. Convict Cichlid Care, Feeding, Breeding, Tank Mates (source – CC BY-SA 4.0). Take a look at some of the most compatible tankmates for Convict Cichlid: During the spawning period, the aggression of this fish gets worse, so don’t keep them with other fish during the time of mating and laying eggs. Convict Cichlid are naturally omnivorous, they eat both meat and plant matter. It gives full detail of events and stages of daily development of the fry, as well the parenteral care. But other than that, it has everything that females have. If you don’t change the water then the rotten foods will infect the entire tank. Temperature: Black Convicts live best from about 70 to 80-degrees F. with 78 being perhaps ideal. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Convict Cichlid is an omnivorous fish as mentioned above.

convict cichlid male or female

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