To be safe, it’s best if your route is in a safe zone (although not totally necessary). Horse Breeding Using Somethinglovely Calculator. In this topic the word “purebred” will be mentioned quite a few times and it simply means that it only has a value greater then 1 in only 1 of the color values. What this does is skip that color and only picks the color that has a value higher then 1. NOTE: Exchange of courser parents produces foals with only one skill. They’re mostly correct, but I think you’ll find that with a little creativity, you can make training semi-competitive AFK silver (this is with requirements in mind. Additional notes to consider : You can ride a horse you currently own back from taming and the tamed horse will follow you. If you increase the male parent’s level by 1, the red box will move right by 1. Click “Breeding Market” button at the bottom of window. The title ‘Courser’ is given to a horse that has acquired certain skills such as Charge, Drift that are differently required depending on the Tier of the horse. Horses can level up to 30 maximum level by riding them on your character, with or without a wagon. What I’m trying to illustrate here is a method of maximizing your profit. Hierfür wollen wir mit die geeignete Plattform bereitstellen, in der wunderschöne und übersichtliche Guides erstellt werden können und zentral für die gesamte deutschsprachige Community auffindbar sind. There is also a roll to determine stat increase amount. Thank you Bouwplan for the detailed color theory breakdown below and the Color Theory image. Horse racing is divided into tiers based on the tier of your horse. You can accept the quest from NPC Bevel, the Stable Keeper of Trent, after you have completed the quest The Qualities of a God or [Boss] The Witch of Horrors, if you have not accepted or completed the Seal of the Secret Guards. If you’re planning on selling your horse (with breeds) anyways, consider your options: 1. As you improve the Level of your parent horses, you will notice the red box move toward the bottom right. 1x Krogdalo’s Origin Stone – Simple Alchemy combine 25x Swaying Wind Shard and 25x Rumbling Earth Shard. If you increase the female parent’s Level by 1, the red box will move down by 1. Enter their current levels to calculate the XP you miss (optional). For example, if a horse is worth 100 million, you get 70 million after 30% tax. Breeding Chance Level 3 shows a 34% chance of the foal not gaining a Tier. Breeding Count. Horse breeding calculators like somethinglovely will help you see the chances of obtaining a higher Tier horse. To train your horse (either solo or on a wagon) just find a path and auto loop back and forth. I will point out horses from my chart in the following manner: T stands for Tier, followed by the tier number and the letter associated to the horse. When a horse becomes a Courser, its price value will increase by 20% compared to a normal horse at the breeding market / horse market / and for Imperial Horse Delivery. All of that breeding took me like 5-10 minutes at most. From BDO Kakaogames: Horse racing is a mode, where adventurers can take part in ranked matches in specific racing arenas around the Black Desert world. Many of them have prerequisite houses you have to buy. 10 votes, 15 comments. They do need to be in Stables that allow breeding market registration: Trent, Keplan, Calpheon, Epheria, Velia, Heidel and Altinova. When to Horse Exchange?If both parent horses have Breeding counts of 0, you may Exchange them and immediately produce a new foal. Horse Breeding. There are 8 tiers of horses available, with higher tiers generally being faster. I’m not claiming to be the person who came up with any of these ideas (just looking at the horse market will prove that bad-horse-breeding is a fairly popular practice). They come in many different colors and have unique manes depending on the tier. Horse Value/Price Calculator. Dream horses (tier 9) are not available from breeding and take a lot of time and effort to achieve. The lower the tier, the lower the values. A new system where the funds claimed in Horse Market and Breeding Market will vary depending on Training level has been added. Sprint is also beneficial. The higher you go up in Horse Tiers, the more chance you have of actually getting a lower Tier horse. The horse emblem you will get for completing either quest is for a Tier 5 male horse. What you’re banking on here are the skills that your foals learn at birth. After x amount of time (1 “tick”), your horse will gain y amount of xp. I’m not someone to give advice that I don’t personally follow, so here’s some data from my own spreadsheet (updated automatically as I add more data). Horse Breeding has been a part of Black Desert for a long time and is frequently discussed in an active and friendly horse community. Many low Tier horses struggle with just learning 1 skill. 1x Tier 8 Courser that is level 30. shouldn’t the 8C have 112 accel and speed? The Color Theory explanation below is a copy of Bouwplan’s orginal forum post, dated 11 Jul 2016. Ensure the mother’s stable has one empty stable slot for the foal. Taming a horse in BDO is a fun element of the game and absolutely necessary if you want to save your silver and breed higher tier horses. The entire skill revolves around catching, training, and breeding horses, and it ends up being a whole lot of fun. The default amount of Stable slots is 2 or 3, but you can expand many of them by purchasing a “Horse Ranch” building. You can also get Fruits (used for alchemy) by breeding certain crops: Fruit of Crimson Flame – … You were going to list your t5 horse on the market anyways, you might as well get an extra 1-2m from it for no extra work. You’ll be just as fast at 150.1% as 160% Speed. Always look ahead to see if it’s worth your time to level the parents. Remember in our example, our t5s are female and our t4s have a few males. Breeding. Both parents will be destroyed and there is no 2.2 hour breeding timer. I will point out horses from my chart in the following manner: T stands for Tier, followed by the tier number and the letter associated to the horse. You could probably infer it just by looking at the chart, but horse xp is gained on a tick system. Do you care about the color theory? For example, to reach the next Breeding Level of 5, we could level the horses both to level 5 or do T1 L1 + T1 L10. A horse with Brake at 150.1% makes the sliding from Drift almost non-existent. In the image above, the highest possible Breeding Chance Level is 12. The Caps are every 10 points: Ex. You need a mount in Black Desert Online because there is no fast travel. A T8 Purebred White (T8E) starts with Speed 136%, Accel 136%, Turn 112%, Brake 112%. We are a community for Black Desert Online with an aim to create a welcoming community focused at discussing horses | 13,496 members During the roll for the foal, it will choose a color channel, this can be either Red, White or Black, before it picks a number between 1 and the maximum number of the combined values. Horses are the main form of transportation in Black Desert Online. Courser & Dream Horse Value Increase: The monetary value of Tier 1–8 Coursers and Dream Horses have tripled at the Horse Market, Breeding Market, and Imperial Delivery. Really nice guide, just a few things are outdated e.g. READ ALSO: How to Make Beer in BDO. Ensure that have both your horses at the same stable and an empty 3rd slot. Horse Deaths: March 28, 2018 patch notes state that death count no longer affects breeding results. When you set your route, watch your horse/wagon run through it once or twice before you go AFK. I’m going to talk more about making money with horses in the “Leveling Horses” section, so this is only part of it. Given this hypothetical situation, these are your chances for various tiers of horse if you decide to breed. Speed – affects AFK and Sprint running speed. Optimize your horse breeding in Black Desert with this data mined calculator. All following horses are considered purebred horses: T1-A, T4-B, T4-I, T5-J, T5-K, T5- L, T6-A, T7-A, T7-B, T7-C, T8-C, T8-E. As you can see in the list, each horse has a value assigned to it and for the first example i am going to take 2 horses from the 5th Tier, T5-C and T5-D. Horse Breeding Tip: View the Stable locations of your horses by opening your world map (M) and clicking the city then click the horse icon at the bottom right. At first glance, you might believe the the speed of a horse will determine the winner, but there are many more factors to consider when vying for the title of champion. It’s also good if your route is in a fairly lag-free area (no heidel!). Remember that it picks only from 1 color and as you can see, that leaves you open for a lot of potential horses. Note the Calpheon Stable Expansion Coupon includes 3 cities that allow Breeding: Calpheon City, Trent, Keplan. Breeding the crops gives you 1 to 3 seeds of the same quality or higher. For example, there is one Tier 2 horse (2C) that has 3% lower base Speed than a Tier 1 horse (1A). I hope it clears up the rumour that the rate is NOT 3) Some of these breed Tiers are just a pain. This increases the chances of getting the next purebred horse. (T1 Level 1 + T1 Level 1). I’m a completionist and I love to catalog things. Breeding Chance Levels often include a wide variety of Horse Levels. Stamina – how far the horse can travel before being fed. Last updated May 3, 2020 at 12:24PM | Published on Jun 20, 2019 | Black Desert Online, Life Skills, Training | 4. Of course breeding is going to be the primary way to get a t8 (the other method being to buy one from the market). Let us take the white purebred horse. Example: a T1B can learn Drift, Sprint, or Instant Accel, but a T1A can’t. So for example the green horse (“the Hulk”) in Tier 4 would be, T4-E. Each horse has 3 different colors with a value assigned to them. Health – influences how quickly the horse will die if hit. Higher Tier Horse Breeding opens up better Horse Stats, locked Horse Skills, and coats. Breeding your level 30 male T8 with your level 30 female T8 could give one of these offsprings: ~3.42% Tier 6 ♂ Male ~23.97% Tier 6 ♀ Female ~20.55% Tier 7 ♂ Male ~23.97% Tier 7 ♀ Female ~20.55% Tier 8 ♂ Male ~7.53% Tier 8 ♀ Female; If the color theory is true your chances for a T7 may be reduced as long as there are only purebreds in the game. At the click the male horse and “Register at Breeding” button >>>, Click “Show Only Me” option, costing 35k silver >>>, Female horse shows “Breeding” notice for 2.2 hours >>>, Female horse shows time left inside the Stable while breeding. The benefit of riding a horse solo is that you can level it extremely quickly. Horse-taming and horse-breeding can be extremely fun and rewarding experiences within Black Desert Online. This calculator shows possible results of a breeding attempt in the game based on client datamined info that are available on web and includes the Color Theory. (if you don't understand, 10 would give Tier 8 M as a probability, 5 would NOT give tier 6 Female at all, which makes the range 6 - 9.. try it on the calculator to check, its simple logic. You can breed with your own horses or breed your female with another player’s male horse. If you get a skill of low value, like Forechop, your foal should still make up the cost of the breed. Before we begin I would like to explain a few things: Deaths . 140.1%, 150.1%, and 160.1%. Kozchu, … Within the horse community, coats are represented by letters. Horse Taming and Breeding in BDO. The horse has already learned Sprint and Instant Accel, and both skills are already at 100%. You can also view your horse’s location at the Stable Keeper. Lower Horse Levels also decrease the price. Purebred Horse List T1A, T4B, T4I, T5J, T5K, T5L, T6A, T7A, T7B, T7C, T8C, T8E, BDO Horses have what players call “Caps” or “Break Points”. Thanks :D Thanks :D Last edited by HighRoLa ; Jul 1, 2017 @ 5:44am The color values are added together, when you breed, to determine possible coat outcomes. For this example i used my chart over at Now, this is definitely not going to make you rich. You don’t need to level them, just breed and see what you get. (Warning! The parents must have a combined colour total in one colour that equals the Tier of the foal you want. Additionally, the Horse Market fees will decrease depending on the Training Level in a future update. The dominant color of the parents, does not have to be the dominant color of the foal, as long as there is a color that matches in 1 of the 3 colors.This is the reason that purebred horses are highly sought after. If it’s a female you could even breed it again with the level 30 t5 you have. The numbers with the diagonal colored backgrounds represent each Breeding Chance Level. Most people consider horse training to be an awful way to make money. That puts the possible range at 6 - 9 for Breeding range. Unlike Korea, there is no zero death requirement for your horse to join the race so pretty much anyone with a horse can participate. (This applies to cases where the Silver for selling a Horse in the Horse Market has not been claimed yet before this change is implemented.).