I think that the priorities in this situation are completely reversed. Indeed, this inanity is about due for a court challenge. 3063)…”, Further it’s been reported by Open the Books and The Washington Times that the EPA has amassed quite a little arsenal and therefore I’m guessing they, like any government agency, plan to put it into use: “Among the weapons purchased are guns, body armor, camouflage equipment, unmanned aircraft, amphibious assault ships, radar and night-vision gear and other military-style weaponry and surveillance activities”, http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2015/oct/10/epa-spends-millions-on-military-style-weapons-repo/. Why Does the ABA Have a Standing Committee on ‘Gun Violence’. Armory Den is your reliable wholesale partner and nationwide distributor of high-quality solvent traps, Adaptive Solvent Traps (AST’s), solvent trap parts, end caps, jig/drill kits, adaptors, firearm cleaning kits, accessories and more! Right now, they are running with Obama era staffing. I have toyed with the idea of picking one up, but *NOT BEFORE* I had a signed Form 1 with a stamp attached to it all nice and legal in my hand. ... california, etc are little better than china / north korea at this point in regards to gov doing sketchy shit. repealing two, supposedly) would take seconds of his Twitter schedule. Reviews There are no reviews yet. Silicone tubes, epoxy, JB Weld & threading dies could all be construed as being part of some conspiracy to get around the law, when using the ATF’s tortured logic. Even if it’s your first felony it will be a firearms related one and you will probably never get to own a firearm again, let alone a relatively easy to buy suppressor… He’ll, they sell them at Sportsman’s Warehouse…. Fast forward to modern day times, when internet retailers like Amazon sell solvent trap kits online. Also, after Congress passes the Hearing Protection Act, But just like the idiot who intercepted a shipment of airsoft guns claiming that they could be “easily converted” to fire live ammo, some ATF offices have gone after some of … Op-Ed Piece: Our site carries affordable legal Solvent Traps, Solvent Trap Kits and Solvent Trap parts made of carbon steel, aluminum and titanium.. May only be issued if the state in which the applicant resides provides for issuance of a nonresident trapping license to California residents. | The Legality of Solvent Traps. This seems to be happening a lot recently. What I’d like to know, if any of you were caught up in this type of BS, do you shoot back? The seizure warrant was issued based on the Court’s finding of probable cause that the website facilitated the unlawful sale of items marketed as “solvent traps.” Allowing a non-lawmaking org without oversight and holding them to process who can make “rule of law” via mere policy. Amnesty after they have been prosecuted. Solvent traps catch and trap solvent which also helps protect your skin from potentially harmful chemicals during bore cleaning processes. https://paypal.me/fathertimenc?locale.x=en_US 2)  If the tube is the actual suppressor (or an integral part) then would he be able to change the oil filter as it began to wear? Never a good idea. Our Maglite solvent trap adapter kit was designed to replace the original ends on a standard D cell maglite housing. Companies manufacture the kits ostensibly as a tool to catch solvent and other slimy materials dripping out of the barrel of your gun during the cleaning process. While mice are technically included in California’s current definition of “non-game mammals,” SB 1645 does not apply to ordinary residents who set traps … Pursuant to a seizure warrant issued by the United States District Court for the District of Utah, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) has seized the website www.darksidedefense.com. Unfortunately, the aspects of Common Law that respect precedent are what is trapping us now. I mean, it’s not like anyone can really say they didn’t know they weren’t allowed to possess explosives without a license or manufacture gin in their shed without a distillery license. And I hope Gay PTSD is a “pre-existing condition” in Plan B lol. It sucks waiting so long and it’s expensive but then you are not worried about this crap. But yet I can go to gun shows and those idiots who sell oil filter adapters can have them screwed on to actual firearms with filters installed and nobody says boo. “Swear to god agent Joe, those extra filters are for the car, no constructive intent here, and what about that hacksaw?”. Solvent traps are used by game hunters to conveniently clean firearms after use. No, the owner was a close friend of Henry Bowman. Are we tired of winning yet? When I explained it to them the attitude was complete indifference. They have the power to do so and they’ve shown that they’re willing to use it. The threaded adapter to fit filter to barrel is the missing link that will get you in trouble,. I get a kick out of the people that ask them if it’s a suppressor, and the guy trying to make a sale tip-toeing around how it’s really illegal, but hey it’s your call. Even Ruger 10/22 rifles, which cannot be cleaned from the breech without modification, are shown with these solvent traps in place. Granted the filters are unmodified, and they never claim to be anything other than filter traps, they are there. Can firearms still be gifted after Abramski. Believe it or not, you CAN LEGALLY build one. I ordered a solvent trap from Aliexpress. There are no ATF regs that are legal under the constitution. Suppressors, solvent traps, and legal traps. How about running your employer out of business and throwing your ass out on the street? PS-rebuttal should be something other than “they’re not trump’s regulators if they’re doing stuff I disagree with”. In his free time, he's a competition shooter (USPSA, 3-gun and NRA High Power), instrument rated private pilot, and enjoys mixing statistics and science with firearms. That’s essentially what happened here. This is the problem with our slide away from Common Law to Statutory Law. Obozo’s lackeys still run the ATF and they are trying get some statist jack boot measures through before he sets his sights on them. Still, the chances that the ATF show up will a bullcrap warrant are MUCH greater than the EPA. Napa 4003 Fuel Filter. We are nothing more than slaves to the ruling class if our nation runs under statutory law. would it be a horrid idea to buy/build a solvent trap in California? May 12, 2017 A GSG-5 rifle equipped with a solvent trap sold by Solvent Trap Etc. I mean, how many people do you suppose know that “tuning” the engine of your car is a federal felony regulated under the auspices of the EPA? Not to mention the Maglite suppressors are garbage anyways. Solvent Trap Etc. People will try to use loop holes to make illegal toys and the ATF will try to close the loop holes and make you purchase your toys the proper way. As the EPA itself says of it’s own CID Agents: “EPA’s Criminal Investigation Division (EPA CID) Special Agents are fully authorized law enforcement officers empowered to enforce our nation’s environmental laws as well as any other federal law in accordance with the guidelines established by the Attorney General of the United States (18 U.S.C. (2) It is unlawful for any person to buy, sell, barter, or otherwise exchange for profit, or to offer to buy, sell, barter, or otherwise exchange for profit, the raw fur, as defined by Section 4005, of any fur-bearing mammal or nongame mammal that was trapped in this state, with a body-gripping trap as described in paragraph (1). I find it very odd that our system of law was so beholden to ancient, pre-Revolutionary practices, considering we had otherwise rejected entirely the Old World systems of governance. The concept of a “solvent trap” kit is about as subtle of an end run around the National Firearms Act as “bath salts” are an end run around the Controlled Substances Act. The EPA has absolutely nothing to do with my employer and even if it did can you really compare being put out of work to having your door kicked in for no good reason? The EPA however can come after you for a myriad of reasons just for the fact that not every drop of rain that falls on your property stays there. So yeah, the EPA is an agency effectively outside the auspices of Congressional control and they’re armed to the teeth with a CID division that has a history of launching large armed raids for questionable reasons on which the agency will not elaborate. Wonder how long until the BATFEaRBF starts issuing dictums to automotive oil filter manufacturers. I am in no, nor have I ever been in fear of the EPA kicking my door in and shooting my dog swat style. Killing the EPA can’t come soon enough. 3)  Which component would need to be serialized? They’ve determined that the manufacture of solvent traps is now equivalent to the manufacture of an unregistered silencer. You can get inside/outside threaded (like a MagLite tube) or inside/inside threaded that take a MagLite battery endcap. This is the 9 inch Solvent Trap.They are making a 10 inch Solvent Trap now also. The answer is probably less concrete than they have been led to believe. The use or possession of this type of firearm accessory is heavily regulated in some states. These filters are one of hte most popualr filters for attaching to any of our rifle Solvent Trap Adapters. Panty-waist Crybaby whiners. gripping traps. You and your employer don’t get to have any input on that. I got into the conversation and agreed that between companies that sell the parts kits and instructions on how to do it it is indeed pretty easy. When will the 2nd be used as intended? So while possessing solvent trap cups is perfectly legal, possessing incomplete silencer baffles without an approved Form 1 is not, even if they are one in the same. That is unless the landowner or resident gave a written permission to do the trapping closer to the resident. We also offer premium engraving services, in addition to multiple finishing options. Do you have any idea how serious of a charge it is to be caught with an unregistered NFA item? The only reason why the BATFE thugs would cause trouble is because they are afraid someone might buy a solvent trap and not pay their tax on it. Still stupid as hell. is it too close for NFA's constructive possession since a solvent trap and a drill bit essentially is everything for a form 1 version of it (you know what "it" is don't say the word) I was recently contacted by a client who was considering purchasing a threaded ‘solvent trap’ adapter and using it as the basis for a Form 1 build of a suppressor. In 2012 a man was sentenced to 2 years in a Federal penitentiary for illegal possession of a homemade suppressor. Anyone with two brain cells to rub together can see that a couple minutes with a drill (or a couple rounds of AP ammunition) would put a hole through the trap and turn it into an honest to God silencer. SILENCERS ARE LEGAL TOO as long as you do the right paperwork and pay the tax stamp. A month or less wait to form 1 a can, very appealing. The latest victim of this crack down: Solvent Traps Etc, a company whose Facebook page does not do a very good job at all at that whole “subtle hinting” thing about possible uses for their products. Not to mention, there is ample precedent for a judge to slavishly adhere to the interpretations of regulators vs. common sense or even the original statutory language & intent so long as it was written vaguely. But you need to have a FFL10 or a Federal Explosives Manufacturer License. Stay informed. Foghorn is a gun nerd living and working in San Antonio, Texas. “the company says the ATF raided their location while the owner was on a hunting trip.”. Be the first to review “5.56/30cal Internal” Cancel reply. On the priorities of anti-American bullshit, the EPA is orders of magnitude above the ATF. I guess I better sell my lath, before the ATF confiscates it, and me along with it! Rainwater runoff or what is or what is not a wetland on the other hand can get into areas people legitimately don’t recognize are regulated, especially since the EPA has made rulings that are insane, like declaring parts of Arizona desert to be “wetlands”. Posted on June 3, 2014 by John Pierce. Were precedent given very low respect compared to the plain statutory language, we would indeed be hearing arguments found in “shall not be infringed” as opposed to “commerce clause” and would be far closer to our original practice of the law, or would have properly modified our system via law and amendment. Dimensions: length: 9" Outside diameter: 1.5" Weight: 22oz Comes with a selection of 1/2x28TPI,5/8x24 TPI, or Q Cherry bomb adapter… $ 420.00 – $ 450.00 They’ve determined that the manufacture of solvent traps is now equivalent to the manufacture of an unregistered silencer. Just because they don’t get the coverage doesn’t mean they won’t boot down your door and take everything you have. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. And because they are a licensed manufacturer they can replace the oil filters as they become worn for a modest fee … $25 at the present time. “Ebay has dozens of people (and federal agents too, probably) selling the adapters.. Second Opinion) Good Afternoon. Though maybe adapters are now non-regulated since the ATF specfically said the tube/sheath of a can is the serialized part (though all parts are still regulated)? I think we may be close. Tinker tinker tinker. If you wish something different than what we have here, visit our “You build it” page and you can create your own custom set-up. Okay, so you’re argument is “not Trump’s jackboots which he can totally give marching orders to or fire whenever” and “gun rights just aren’t important to him.” I’m so glad you guys nominated this dude. But somehow the magistrate edicts of some jerk serving under Henry the First or whomever in eras past were put on a pedestal. EPA CID has conducted massive armed raids in the past. Another example is in California where they banned bullets .50" or larger because some people wanted to fire the evil, no-sporting-purpose .50 BMG cartridge. They can and will “kick your door down” and do it in full tactical kit but I can’t speak to their proclivity for shooting canines. Where *do* they get their action-item list, I wonder…, The Democratic and Republican congressmen want the same things…. Ebay has dozens of people (and federal agents too, probably) selling the adapters.. No law can keep someone from obtaining a sound suppressor, who really wants one. However, legal concerns have arisen over solvent trap use due to the fact that solvent traps can potentially be altered to function as silencers or suppressors. Solvent Trap = Legal Problems! a business shuttered by the ATF earlier this year. Quit wetting the bed over this. This is what happens when you define law by “policy” and obfuscation. Companies who offer solvent trap part kits for sale were on the wrong side of the law. Just keep thinking that everything that big daddy says is bad, is actually bad. The Trace. Your email address … Hell even a pillow constituting a suppressor part wouldn’t be surprising given their track record. 2)  While a licensed manufacturer could change out such a component, an individual or trust who made a suppressor on a Form 1 could not unless they registered a new suppressor on a new Form 1 and submitted an addition $200 tax. Unless you are a prohibited person or a black helicopter conspiracy nut you need to either fill out a Form 1 to make a piece of shit solvent trap into a suppressor (current Form 1 wait times seem to be only about 6 weeks) or just plop down some good money, get the photos and fingerprints, fill out the Form 4 and send in your $200. The ATF has addressed these questions before and a copy of the relevant portion of a guidance letter can be viewed below. Facebook. It is just another feel-good law, in the supposed name of public safety. Sometime around the time Donald Trump was elected the ATF appears to have changed its mind. Are Solvent Traps Legal? ATF rules and the laws governing the things they regulate are generally pretty obvious. Agents seized the products and his computer (with potentially all the customer records) and charged him with a Federal crime (specific crime not specified). Whenever you try to operate on the edge of the law you should expect these things to happen. Most of those companies were including instructions on how to make the suppressor(how to make the pieces of metal illegal) which highlights everyone’s intentions. Yes, the law is ludicrous, I am not defending the law. So, i like the idea of a solvent trap, as a legitimate method to keep gun crap and gun solvent off of my apartment floor. POS way the ATF promulgates rules, and the shifting sands it creates ARE WHOLLY THE PURPOSE OF INFRINGEMENT, so as to keep you far back from the edge of [F all of you and your BS] “established legal limits” and “parameters’. If you can pass a NICS check for a regular firearm you will be approved for a suppressor… current wait time is about 8-11 months for Form 4’s. The bureau noticed. ► Estate Plan For Individuals The ATF and the EPA have basically the same enforcement powers but the EPA has a much more expansive area of enforcement than does the ATF. So as not to confuse, we do not carry Solvent Trap … Never mind that things like AR lowers with holes engraved on them or silencer baffles with predrill holes are functionally incapable of fulfilling the function requirements of the law, the ATF has been assuring us they are indeed finished items or indistinguishable for many years and court cases. But the simple answers are: 1)  The adapter and the oil filter together make up the suppressor as an integrated whole. OK Homeowner With AR-15 Shoots, Kills Three Home Invaders: Defensive Gun Use of the Day, http://thetruthaboutguns.com/author/foghorn/, SAF, CCRKBA, FPC Sue Maryland Over Its ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban Law, FPC Moves for Injunction, Expedited Trial in Pennsylvania Under 21 Firearm Carry Lawsuit.

are solvent traps legal in california

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